Unit transport

I know there is a portal spell and all but I ain’t gonna spend on that. There’s also insta troops but how about something more varied, hear me out.

So how about there’s a rechargable boost/spell/something that would allow a bunch of troops to be delivered to the king faster, not needing to wait forever for them to crawl through the entire path?

Imagine mechanised infantry or paratroopers, and think a number of troops (can be set up beforehand as your “reinforcement”) gets on a wagon and darts off to the front lines at high speed. Or get picked up by giant eagles and be dropped off where the king is.


Yeah I know there’s insta troops but this’d be more like a speed up to the troops you summon from the tent anyway rather than a 4th troop slot. Not to mention it would allow you to quickly get a combo rather than just x cannons or suchlike.

Food-for-thought idea.

You’re a LOTR fan aren’t you?

I’m kind of neutral to this idea. On one hand, having troops get to me faster would be really convenient if a skull tower blows up my entire army in some corner. On the other, it diminishes the importance of unit speed. 

Well it was the first bird that popped in my head when I was thinking of examples so…I guess.

That’s why it should be only useable once or twice per raid. Kind of a special ability that takes time (or raid progress) to charge and one you’d use in crutial moments.


Exactly what you described is already in the game ^^:


Kind of but not quite. :stuck_out_tongue:

I get what you’re saying tho, I was just throwing random ideas.


Btw I got an Aska in an uber pal chest the other day. Like…whoa… I thought you can only buy them for hard cash.

Nidhogg is rarer than Aska.