Unit war boosts make Top Bases TOO hard...and the game LESS Fun!!!

Dealing with both unit war boosts and tower war boosts when attacking makes Top Bases INSANELY HARD!!! Can you please make the unit war boosts to apply ONLY on raids and not when you put them in waves?? …or at least SERIOUSLY reduce the power of the unit war boosts when in waves…just like you did with frenzy frost arblasters.


WAR boosts SERIOUSLY disturb the balance of the game…making it ANNOYING!!!

Flare says buy some gems and use scrolls, if you don’t want to you’re not a customer so whatever :slight_smile:

I think they’re top players for something, their top bases must be really hard and possibly some of the hardest in the game, because you know… they’re TOP players, if they weren’t that hard then anyone could be a top player anytime

I m spending TONS of gems everyday and especially during war season. but I won t be spending gems on scrolls just because all bases are harder due to an imbalance with the war boosts. I d DEFINITELY spend to get a war boost that evens up the scales with the war boosted bases … I d sooooo spend gemmies for a SPELL war boost.


It s fair right? both the unit and tower war boost benefit the castle defences, while ONLY the unit war boost benefits raiding…soooo FG should introduce one war boost that benefits raiding…the SPELL war boost…that d be AWESOME!!!


Thanks for the quick replying Macamus and Karman…if you got contacts in FG can u please tell them to do a SPELL war boost? I LOVE RR2 and I think this Spell war boost would totally make it the RAMBO of video games,


Hell Yes! 

Back on the same side with Karman!

I believe with correct planning and strategy, you can reach the top ranks gradually. All you need (if a free player) is patience.

Yeah I guess u r all right…patience is the key in this game whether u r Free or gem-buying player…I guess I shouldn t be complaining, FG did a lot this year, it released the daily rewards, the war boosts, the blacksmith… but u got to all admit …war boosted spells would be VERY COOL.

Boosted toxic cloud is a good idea… Everybody will spend a lot golds to max their toxic cloud ASAP. more golds mean more raid, more raid mean more food. We buy food with gems!

Oh, i need to speed up the upgrade with gems too! haha

Toxic Blast (toxic cloud dealing additional blunt damage)

Toxic Storm (toxic cloud dealing additional ice damage and stun the enemy)

Yeah, boost one spell that almost nobody uses. :slight_smile:

I was rather happy with the tribal Archer. It is pretty handy to deal with wolf-ogre combo as my alliance doesn’t boost them yet nd we r facing under 40 alliances. Losing is certain but at least I can get my quota of of skulls!

But the games lags a lot with power archer’s exploding arrows. While it runs extra smooth with frenzy arbs!