United Invincibles Recruiting Members


United Invincibles

Alliance Level - 43

Currently ranked 222

Gold Bonus 43%

United Invincibles is looking for active & loyal members. Our requirements are as follows :-

herolvl.PNG Minimum hero level - 85

dona.PNG    Minimum Donation Amount - 150k (Preferably 250k)

part.PNG Be an active participant in wars.

We are a friendly alliance & provide assistance to our fellow members. We are looking forward to playing with you. 

We offer the following boosts  (We activate boosts so that all our members can do well. All are welcome to give their suggestion) :-


Blazing Knights (24/7)

Power Archers (Used in wars if needed)

Tough Barricades (24/7)

Range Bombers (Used in wars if needed)

Storm Cannons (24/7)

Stunning Ogres (Used in wars)

Raging Wolf (Used in wars)

Frost Trap (Used in critical wars if needed)

We do prolong special boosts if our members need it.

To join our alliance, you can apply or add me, KK Star, or NAMO_SHIVA as friend.  :grinning:


KK Star (General of United Invincibles)


Bump it up. 1 Slot open!

hey nice job , looks great :wink:

Bump it up. Apply soon.

Few slots free, apply soon & enjoy being in a great team. ")

Minimum 2800 trophies & 150k donation.


All points are looking great but about that trophies point has one doubt you are looking for 2800 trophies player but you have 2500 trophies…whyyyy…???

They are one of the oldest members of the team. Loyalty has to be there. Since wars are tough, we from now on need players with those requirements only.

hello kk star …i send you friend request in the game .

Are you from India???



iam from Andhra Pradesh…Which state are you from???


Knights & Cannons 24x7

Are you looking for an active alliance?

Do you want an alliance to provide advice?

Do you want a friendly environment?

Do you want competitive, thrilling wars?

Do you want boosts that suit you?

Do you need security that your alliance won’t kick you out for being lower in trophies?

Then Your Search Ends here. Come Join United Invincibles & be a part of a great team. Blazing Knights & Storm Cannons 24x7. ")

Minimum Requirements - 2800 trophies & 150k (250k preferably) donation. We are more particular about donations & war participation. The main goal is to have fun & be stronger.

Join Soon! For further assistance contact KK Star.

Where do u stay in ap,btw im too telugu frm hyderabad?

im staying in vijayawada ???

Mana telugu vallu chaala mandi unaru bro ma aliancelo,if u want can join us?

New Boost - Stunning Ogre available on request (currently off) during off-season too for ninja events.

Blazing Knights lvl 8 and Storm Cannon lvl 3 24x7. 

Any Query, Contact KK Star or simply join! 

Join United Invincibles now.

We have 2 empty slots available right now. Knights, Cannons and Dracomancers are currently active. 

Requirements -

i) 150k to 250k minimum donation

ii) Minimum 3 battles in war (If you are on holiday or will be busy, just inform. You won’t get kicked as we know that this is just a game :slight_smile:  )

Join now  "). Many more boosts in war.

Bump It UP!

New Boost Barricade introduced 24x7. 1 slot is open as we have Surprise Mummy, Gargoyle Nest and Dragofrosters on along with knights and cannons.

Join now! ")

Want to be powerful?

Enjoy Insta Power Archers from tomorrow along with other boosts. Also have fun!

Join United Invincibles.

1 Spot Left! Join before it is filled!

Bump! 3 slots open.

4 boosts plus 5 war boosts active!

Join before war.

Minimum Req. - 2750 trophies and 150k donation.