United We Stand

Greetings fellow Kings and Queens.  United We Stand was a humble Alliance I started by myself only 4 days ago to create a strong, powerful, entertaining, and fun Alliance that its members could work and grow together.  Within a hour We had 3 members who still remain with Us today as some of Our highest donaters; including myself.  Today, We’ve worked Our way to 9 members strong at Rank 937 currently and onto becoming 11 by the end of today’s day/night cycle.  Our Alliance; when space is available, is always open to new Kings and Queens, We have no rules and encourage teamwork and steady donations.  Join as You each desire and become One powerful and humble force as You join Us!  Fight on fellow Kings and Queens!

nice work!

gl to you

Thank you Huck, We’ve been doing well as an Alliance. Currently as of today We are level 6 with room for 2 more members. Sadly 2 of our members betrayed Us and Our glory today for the gold of another Alliance: Vimder. It’s set Us back a bit on the leaderboards and donations quite a bit but still holding strong. It’s disappointing to see what were loyal and active members leave for their own conquest and not for the better glory of Teamwork and fun. We’re looking for members to join Our conquest, everyone is open to join. Fight on fellow Kings and Queens, for the glory of your Kingdoms!

What a nice Alliance, I’m currently a member of this Alliance and everyone is nice, and talks to one another.



Thanks Wolf Pack, We’ll soon be looking for more members as we are constantly upgrading and growing. We are aiming for the 100s in the Leaderboards, come join Us and help Us accomplish that goal fellow Kings.

Currently Our Alliance has grown to 13 members strong. We have a great, active, and communicated Alliance community. Our Alliance is still open to everyone, but soon, as result of requests from members, We will become a request to join Alliance as We are aiming for and marching on towards the top 100s. We’re looking for at least 10,000 and 20,000 gold donators and at least 1,000 trophies to help in Our conquest. Consider United We Stand to obtain Power, Glory, and Freedom, fight on Kings and Queens.

Master Diaz, I just started playing this game last week, found your forum by simply typing “Air Force” in the forum search bar and you came up. Considering I just served 14 years in the Air Force, I was wondering if you had room in your alliance. I’m an avid, and highly competitive player. Thanks for your time.

As of today We currently have 12 members and have 3 open slots thanks to very generous donations from Our members. We’re still open at the moment to anyone, We’re aiming for the 100s so We need active dedicated members to help Us reach Our goal and glory. And thank you to Siouxicide for your Service, We at United We Stand are grateful for what you’ve done for our freedom, We’re honored to have you among our glorious ranks and society.

A message to any Our members, specifically Windows members, I myself like Wolf Pack more than likely, have updated the game and currently can’t play Royal Revolt until Flare updates the game.  Know that I’m doing everything I can to get back on the game and upgrade Our Alliance, I’m not inactive, I like 1000s of other Windows players am unable to play until another Update fixes the new Debug option.

Master Diaz, I am in a similar situation as you are. As a leader of another alliance, as a Windows player I am also not able to login and help my alliance. This day I already lost two active members from my alliance (I don’t know whether the reason was that I wasn’t able to help my alliance or not), it feels unfair but what can I do?


Players of my alliance are invited by other leaders of alliances and since I seem to be not active why would they stay at my alliance? Hopefully Monday or Tuesday we can login again.

No worries. I hope the situation gets resolved. Are there any forum mentions on the bug? Anyway, I’ll be sure to inform the other members online of the situation you are facing

I really wish this update debugs the game, Because I don’t want to be counted as inactive, and get kicked.

Exactly Dena, that’s the problem and not to mention the fact we as Leaders like our members have things to maintain and protect around our kingdoms and now we’re left defenseless for the time being sadly and the fact Flare added some un-wanted reductions to gem quests.


Thank you Sioux, good to have some eyes and ears that are still able to log in.  Let’s see how Flare resolves this issue.


Same here Wolf, and you won’t be kicked or at least for long without my permission.  This is really a harsh blow to Windows Users, Alliances, and Alliance Leaders.

Great news to every Windows players in United We Stand, the new update has allowed Windows players back, operations should be up within the next few days.  Welcome back to everyone and welcome to Our new members.  I’m still disappointed in how cheap Flare was and didn’t even attempt to compensate for those that lost millions in coins and trophies over the downtime.

so happy installing the update.


Thanks for the info.

Helllo, now im new happy sadisfied member of United We Stand , i help to grow this alliance , and donate and be very active!

Soon we conquer the Top!

Welcome to Our Alliance Romanovik, you’ll enjoy the community. We’re still looking for loyal members, We’ve had a few people come to use Our Gold Boost that We all worked for and contributed to and then leave so it is disappointing to see that from people, but We’re still strong. We’re currently at 12 of 16 members so join Us and help us reach the top 100 fellow Kings. Fight on for Glory and Honor!

Mr Diaz,


As the previous leader of Warriors Dutch I had the same experience. People leaving without a reason and almost half of the players joined my team weren’t donating anything at all. This way the Alliance grows very slow. I already discussed this with my daughter and we just joined your Alliance. I just refuse to keep my Alliance alive for people that are not willing to work together as a team.


Denatjex and Dena4 just joined your alliance. Tomorrow morning I can start to donate (have a cooldown time of 12 hours).


Greetings, Dena4

Welcome and glad to have you Dena and Denatjex, you and your daughter have already fit in well with the community. United We Stand is growing stronger and looking for 2 more members, and as of tomorrow We will have room for 3 more members. We need active donators and going to need players of at least 10K and at least 1,000 trophies. We’re growing stronger and closer to the goal with every member and Everyone’s contributions.