Units to use

Hi, I was just wondering for what units to use, because intil now I used Knights lvl 8 and cannon lvl 3 with two spells, hammerstrike lvl 10 and swordrain lvl 3 or 4 and with items usually to take more gold from the opponent. Unfortunately I can’t afford to upgrade my castle to lvl 9 so I can unlock the next spell. So what u guys suggest for units and spells.

Thanks in advance for the tips 😄

As spell use/upgrade Firestorm also Heal is useful for second spell. If you have third spell use Hammerstrike.

Knights cost 1 moral and they have fast speed but Paladin cost 3 moral but have more defence and slow. 

For example i also use Knight and i’m level 64 because i spawn a lot of them and they become bait for enemies  :grinning:

Sometimes Pyromancer at max level are very useful as Froster but also at mid-level.

For example: spawn a lot of knight and then 1-2 cannons so they cannot destroy them immediately.

These are my tips i hope that they will be helpful !

The next spell isn’t unlocked by a castle update, it is by purchasing it, the same as your troop third spell. You need to save your gems/purchase gems and buy the slots, or wait until there is an offer for them. Again a gem purchase but cheaper.

Sorry misread, next spell as in next one up, not third spell … ignore my ramblings

Having said that, focus on saving some gems.  If you need to, buy a 1 day gold shield to get the money to upgrade your castle.


Also it is time to spend the gems and get the third spell slot.  That is the single most important upgrade you can get for attacking.


Is your problem that you cannot defeat your opponents anymore?  Max level knights and mid-upgraded canons should see you to probably 1600-1800 trophies pretty easily.  Unfortunately at that point you will start seeing a lot of firebolt and snake towers which will eat your knights and cannons. 


You might try BladeStorm+FireStorm, then switch to Pyromancers+Cannons and see if that works for you.  With that combination you will need to run ahead with your hero to take out enemy ranged troops in the adjacent lane, while the cannons+Pyros clean out the towers you leave behind.

One thing to pay attention to, is of course the towers, path layout and troops of the defender, so I usually switch some of my troops based on the base I am attacking.

If someone has a lot of ogres and pyromancers and path overlap, I will take arblasters to target their common weakness piercing damage and their lower range. If someone has lots of arblasters and paladin, I’ll take some mummies or mortars with me.

Lots of low-hp and/or not strong against blunt/piercing troops, and lots of path overlap? Take gargoyles/sword rain.

Moreover, the ratio and timing of summoned troops is important: Sometimes you raid a base twice, once losing with 50% and the other time winning with 30sec left, just by different ratio and timing.

So just try to use each troop type to its best effect.

Hero, as usual I agree with you!! I try to choose my troops as you said…it’s cool to use mummies that “appear” from underground by you!! And they are more effective than I thought! The timing is really important…maybe I’ll open a thread about “how to fight”…

Bolz1 u give me good 500+ throupy all the time, thx man.

Arblasters, pyro, and mummy + scream boost gear=u can win top 10 base if u play rambo style :slight_smile:

Agreed, your base become stronger, but still your medalls are best, it just a game :slight_smile:

If it make u Happy one time allmost die in your base :grinning: