Units VS Units

This is why in my opinion frosters are the key unit in most attacks

Very well informative picture +1 

This explains why I love my Frosters so much!

Nice. I miss the arrow from Mortar to Arblaster. :open_mouth:

Only boosted froster, if non boosted they are not as useful at top level since no dragon will spawn

However now if i take a look carefully to the pic seems that is mainly concentrate on Froster & Pyromancer troops while i don’t see arrows start from other characters like those that are around the frame (mortar, gargoyle, ogre, etc)

I will correct the missing arrow from mortar to arbalester. Thanks for noticing

I omitted all the blunt damages as they are efficient vs towers. I thought it will be the subject for another picture … coming soon :wink:

Palladin is weak for poison damage aswell, isn’t he?

they was, but ot has changed. now palladins are weak to frost, insted of poison.

and way cool image you made, it may not be perfect, but must have been taken a lot of time. +10 for that :slight_smile:

Leopold, you are right. Froster is the key troop.

I maxed it before any other unit and use it a lot both in defense and offense.


Of course, if you got other troops boosted, it can change the preferred unit, but if nothing boosted, they are the best.

Only case you can’t use them, is when your opponent’s defense is heavily based on Pyros. Even one Pyro is enough to burn a whole army of Frosters

@leopold great work,but mummy is nightmare to paladins.my level2 mummy can take of 6 paladins within 2 shorts so i guess u can give link overthere

rather tan arblaster killing mortar, i would say motor can kill arblaster by 1 or 2 poission bombs

I believe I should change the presentation to only show what is weak to what instead of showing links. It may be clearer. Very few times to do the changes with my growing family but I may have some free times eventually … in 18 years? lol


we need to get monk in this chart

Units weaknesses

… I know, it would be nice to add towers too

Units resistances … I am not allowed to add the picture. Grrr

Units weaknesses :


and units resistances :


I wish I could delete the two previous posts.

Paladins are weak to poison too (100%)