unjust war

The game is getting boring. We get injustice on this map. We hope that FG will soon adjust accordingly so that players can fight hard

agree that a fix is needed in the alliance wars. I have a low ranking (around rank 1000) alliance, but this is the 3rd or 4th war in a row that we are clearly outmatched. There is no possible way to win 1st due to this. I think a new matchmaking is needed

What is unfair? All these alliances belong to TOP10…

Viet Nam is #5 on the leaderboard…

you guys need to pay more attention to the photo


SK, NATO, Apoc all fight as one.


you can see by total skulls.


turk gucu will be eliminated 2moro. they don’t even bother fighting back. UvT doesn’t seem to interested in a fight either, sucks being in the centre lol


the only real battle here is Vietnam (hence why he is complaining)


the rest of the battles will be securing 1st 2nd and 3rd for SK, NATO, Apoc this war be over by round 3 probably

What if it was Viet nam, Immortal Legends and Vanguard Legion instead of Sk, Apocalypse and Nato… would he be complaining? I don’t think  so :slight_smile:


Because his question is “i hope fg will fix the war system so we can fight hard”. Well, Viet nam is #5, so does he want to be matched with top50 alliances, instead of TOP10?


Many people (top30-40 alliances) are complaining because they are matched with TOP10 alliances. In this case, this is only top 10 alliances. So why keep complaining then?

While not denying that SK Nato & Apoc fight as one, how exactly you deduce that from the amount of skulls? For me it just looks like an ordinary war. With SK on the lazy side because Turk decided to stay out.

the total skulls are indicating that UvT and turk gucu have accepted this as an SK faction map lol


something Vietnam probably should have done as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Good breakdown of the map, Kenster :grinning:

You can do it.

I hope that the season should have 1-2 alliance top 10 but this map is bad  . difficult for us to keep their fiefs :slightly_frowning_face:

To destroy lower alliances in top20-30? And what should lower alliances say then?

I have to agree that the game is getting repetitious  and boring. 


Need something new to make things interesting. New troop ? new spell ? new tower ? new environment ? well any of them could gv new excitement 

Flare would amaze me if they added new things to the game like that!

id have to say I think the coolest suggestion that’s been roaming around on the forums for new content would be the addition of “lightning” damage


it could add the following to the game:


  • new damage type for king gear

  • new resistance type for king gear

  • new troop (similar to froster/pyromancer)

  • new spell (THUNDERSTORM: duration spell. shoots 1 projectile a second to nearest target)

  • new tower/trap (similar to arrow tower ie. shoots 1 projectile at a time)


I think the lightning would be best as an instant damage instead of duration damage

would be even cooler if the lightning bounced between targets! (reducing damage each bounce though)

maybe even have a reverse effect from cold damage and instead of slowing targets it speeds them up! (this disadvantage could balance out the advantage of bouncing) OR would it be better to have a positive secondary effect like fire/ice and lightning could cause mini-stun when targets are hit. (0.25 seconds something small)




the issue I see with this idea is all the balancing to make sure the new lightning content is not over or under powered



adding lightning resistances/weaknesses to all existing troops/towers/traps


PS: I think the original poster of this idea was Opelle

Why not add a skill tree for kings to develop diff skills & spells to make kings which are more unique

Good Idea . to add a skill tree for players. game requires skill and practice, not based on wealth gems, pear …

what we need is more variation. prob wrong place to post this but in suggestions forums we’ve already said;

  • new troops
  • new towers
  • allow towers to face in chosen direction
  • longer path
  • maybe limit the number of each type of tower…??
  • having more combinations of design and more useful towers, you would have more variety and less repetition and copying of bases. If you made the more basic tower more powerful but only available when you hit a king level or trophy level then you give more options to mid and higher players rather than just skull and bomber towers