unleashed rebels (L68, Top 150, English) seeking regular active players

unleashed rebels is looking for level 100+ players with minimum level 12 alliance tower, interested in joining a great group of veteran players. We are currently a Top 150, Level 68 alliance with global membership of primarily English speakers. The majority of us have jobs and families and understand that life happens. Your dedication will be rewarded with fierce loyalty, and possible promotion. Our leadership is fair and reasonable.

Ultimately this is a game, although a very enjoyable one, so we only use in-game communication.

We enjoy the new conquest event, winning the inaugural event and performed well against much stronger alliances in the second event. We do require participation in the conquest event, but we don’t believe this requires constant play.

We do not take wars off. We fight, and let the fiefdoms fall where they may. Everyone is asked and expected to get at least 3045 skulls, 3 quality raids, each war during the season.

Below are the current offerings of our alliance. Any changes are clearly communicated several days in advance so members can make required adjustments.

Regular Boosts:

              Knight, Archer, Ogre, Cannon, Wolf, Monk

Added Boosts (War Season and Conquest):

              Tough Barricade, Frost Trap, Range Bomber, Tempest Tower, Witch Doctor

Beasts (level): All beast at boost level 4/12 with 15% stats increase.

              Tammy (4), Archimedes (5), Eldrak (2), Nighogg (1), Irmgard (1), Phoebe (1), Aki (1), Aska (1), Howl (4), Growl (3), Bucky (4), Kaiser (3), Fritz (1)

Apply today and join us for the upcoming Conquest Event.

Merry Christmas everyone!

If you would like to take your conquest performance to the next level, join us. We’ve got lots of experience making strategic plays, we just need a few more heavy-hitting players in order to guarantee those coveted zombie towers every month. Our first foray into the top tier was successful getting us Heavenly Haven, but we’ve determined the second-best tier is the place for us.

If you’re used to victory but your clanmates are running around the conquest map like a herd of cats, come here and see what it’s like to fight with a real plan.