UnLegendary gear - This has to stop

Yesterday I was thrilled for winning my first “legendary” gear upon opening a war/reward chest. Even though I am a relatively active player that was the very first time I won such a rare item from those war rewards.


However when I went to check my new precious item that got me so excited, I saw this:


An armor that was 400 (!) health points and 1400 (!!!) fire armor points LESS than my current armor.


I really see no sense in offering a “rare” item that has worthless stats. Legendary armor has to be what the name suggests and not some random garbage. That need to apply to Granny’s store, castle gate chest rewards, war chest rewards etc. 


Flare, you need to rethink the way stats are calculated on the legendary equipment. People have been asking you to do that since the very beginning of the game, so maybe it’s time to listen…

I agree with this as well.  Very disheartening to open a legendary and see it’s a downgrade.

Totally agree… during crazy granny days, I saw 180 legendary gear and not a single one was worth buying, and only 1 out of 180 was even a slight improvement… I mean, 98% of usual items is garbage anyway, because it’s just grey/gren/blue gear, but at least the legendary items should be at least “decent”… some gear I have is over half a year old now (got it 2014), and it’s still better than anything I saw ever since. 


And I guess oPelle was right when saying that granny won’t offer any good gear when you have enough gems to buy it, just like for the special packages offers… 


Anyway, I’ll sign any petition to rework the item system! 


If that petition changes your mind so you’ll want to stay in this game, then I’ll gladly ask everyone in this forum to sign it too :slight_smile:

I don’t know what lvls are you guys, but granny does in fact offer me good items every so often. Certainly more often than I can collect gems to buy them.

I am lvl 91.


That being said, most of my gear is really old, 6+ months, so maybe not surprise than :slight_smile: