Unlimited or increased max # of units you can spawn in the game

Unlimited or increased max # of troops you can spawn in the game.

I forged the hero’s leadership or morale points a lot, so I can spawn more troops in the game. Because it’s limited or capped, at some point the game will stop generating new troops until the old troops get killed. The problem is, when it’s maxed out and for whatever reason if my troops get wiped out (most likely when facing Phoebe beast), there’s no benefit afterward. In other words, if my troops are maxed out, it’s only good for the first 2 minutes. I would like to see it unlimited or increased. Thank you.

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There is no cap on spawning of troops.

However when on starting if you used up all of extra morales points generated by start morale perk you have to wait for the morale bar to recharge then you can spawn regularly.

Speed of recharging of morale bar depends upon the leadership count. The higher is the leadership the faster fills up the morale bar. Hence more troops in total can be spawned.

With low morale units like knights, archers when you spam them the line with blue dots stops showing up new dots but don’t worry. Your troops are spawning as usual. You just need to do this. 

Tap tap tap. 


There is no limit on the number of units we can spawn,
there is only a limit on the number of units that are shown in the “minimap”, that’s around 60 units.

See, I equipped 30k leadership to fill my path with Knights from the Tent to the Castle Gate, but the minimap shows only the ~60 units spawned first.


Thanks for the clarifications!

It might just be a display bug