Unlock Heroes Dominance

The steps for unlocking heroes seems logical until Hellen, after that it’s a huge gap to unlock Kadmos.
From Hellen to Kadmos it’s 30K Dominance, from Kadmos to Achilles and from Achilles to Jason also 30K Dominance each step. That is not balanced, as you get more dominance when you advance, the time that you need to unlock Kadmos is huge compared to all the other steps (except Athene maybe but my guess would be that it could be also shorter).

I haven’t unlocked the Hydra islands yet, but I assume they generate significantly more dominance than Minotaurs. Also I can see some discussions related to Achilles and others, so other players unlock them. Promissed events, like Dominator days, may help to unlock them even faster

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for pointing this out. As you can see in the latest patch notes, we reduced the Dominance costs of those Heroes to make it more fair. :slight_smile: