Unlocking the Cursed Titan Chest

I have 23 titan chests that needed to be unlocked in 7 days.   This recent update completely change the rule to unlock these titan chests.  I don’t think the change is fair to us without letting us such significant difference in advance.  Now I won’t have enough time to unlock these chests, not to say the first quest (take over 50 ambrosia islands) already eat up much time.  

Developers needs to announce that big alterations before , so players can made themselves ready. 

Hope they fix that problem and you and everyone that has same problem could open all chests you earned like before.


Yes I totally agree that isn’t fair. Now that you punish people for ranking up lots we’re saving there chests till they were higher rank. Now without warning you hurt higher ranked people again. 


23 Titan chests… May I ask what was your plan for unlocking them BEFORE the update, when you had to have 23 ppl entering your code? I am curious just


?23 titan chest really.?? 

i was thinking to do that and save chests till get a higher level , thank God I am impatient ??

I can resist myself max 23minutes to open those chests. You must be the most patient player of this community ???

I’ll sit on chests if I’m close to a level up, but 23 is crazy. How do you get that many?

He is trolling bro … Every chest have expire time of 7days …how could he collect 23 titan chest ?

I’ve seen players with that many before. They’ve posted pics on line. I don’t know if they’re duped or what. One of the guys from SS was posting screenshots like over christmas with 20 something titan chests asking for opens.

11 a day + 5 from prestige + 5 from being top… 10? 21 a day, so you can technically get 2 in 3 days max. 21 seems odd to me

He collected them from everywhere but once the update came up, they got converted into cursed ones.

That is the issue ,CapMorgan I gave a suggestion to have each of these titan boxes separated from each other and we can choose which one we could uncurse first rather than having them all together.

A table like the cursed item table would be nice.

Some quest most probably has common requirements. It would be more easy and fun to see all quests and do quests . Such as take over 50 islands/spend ambrossia with travelling… 

What do you mean everywhere? 

All kind of titan boxes, from wars/ajax/monthly table/ascension lvl, all got converted.

We will be making changes here, soon. Specifically with regards to the chest lifetime.

Is this true?

True having 23 of them or being all converted? I saw them myself, 23 + converted 

I don’t think it was supposed to work that way. Weird.