Unlocking the Ogre

So I’ve been playing for three days now.  I was in the dungeon and got the ogre.  I can’t use him though.  If I select him for battles, it lets me select him as one of my three slots, but he is grayed out and can’t be used.   Later, I got a notice that he’d been unlocked via an upgrade to one of my buildings (forget which).  But he’s still grayed out during battle.  When I go to his troop options, it says that I have to “get three crowns in the next dungeon: Behemoth Chamber” in order to upgrade him.  But I already did get three stars in the “Behemoth Chamber 1” - twice.  So what am I missing here?  Can the ogre only be used in certain circumstances?

You have to build up morals to summon him. Ogre requires a lot  of morals. Not that good attacking if you are low level. Fill up your bar 1st.

OK.  Total noob question here.  How do I build up my morals?

Just don’t summon Knights or any troops till the bar on bottom fill up.

Knights only cost 1 moral point 

Archers 2 point

Paladin 3 point

Ogre is 12 points

So it takes longer to summon.


As you play you will get better equipment with higher Leadership. Leadership makes the bar fill faster.I would stick with Knights, archers Forster, pyros " and achblaster. 

Ogre boosted are very strong but your leadership need to be at least 12k to fight with effectively.

The Blue bar below that you see continuously emptying (when you summon troops) and refilling (when you don’t summon troops) is called morale bar, every 10 hero’s level you increase your morale bar of +1 segment, you start from 11 segments to a max of 20 segments at lvl 90.

The more segments you have in the bar obviously the more troops you can summon quickly since the beginning of the battle.

As William22 made you emphasize, i guess the problem about the ogre was that you were continuing to summon small troops such as knights and archers so the bar could never refill for 12 segments that is the morale points required for the Ogre.

As I continued to play for a few hours, I noticed that the ogre became available later in a battle if I let my morals max out.  He’s just not available immediately.  But it still won’t let me upgrade him. Says I have to get three crowns in “the next dungeon Behemoth Chamber”.  But I only see “Behemoth Chamber 1” and I’ve gotten three crowns on it multiple times.  So how do I go about upgrading this slow beast?

Ogre will always be slow (unless boosted by Raging Wolf, but that’s off-topic), you can just upgrade him by beating the next dungeon where ogre is the prize. He gets more HP and attack, they can get very tanky and dangerous. Also, for unlocking him you beat Behemoth Chamber I, now you have to go further on dungeons until you reach Behemoth Chamber II, then you only have to beat it too and there you got your ogre upgrade :slight_smile: