Unlucky, or are the chances better for Aska?

So, in my monthly free Pal Chest that has an automatic pal, this is what I get…how typical of flare. I could’ve gotten Nidhogg, Irmgard, or even better, the Skull Ring. It’s more than a coincidence that I get Aska less than 2 weeks after I get him from the festival

Seriously? its very bad. You could have take Irmgard or Nidhogg of course. Now you got a clone. Sad no one have the same luck. Pure randomless in this game. I was lucky i got Aska in festival and got Aki after in the Uber Pal chest

Whats wrong with you? Why its flare fault again?

Seems to me like they just cheapened Aska. It’s not necessarily a bad thing for those who didnt get Aska in the event, but for those who did, it’s a punch in the fact

Ah, nope.

They didn’t cheapen anything at all.

I’m sorry for you buddy, but it’s just that you got extra-unlucky with that chest.

Happens to everyone once in a while: You got hit by “Murphy’s law”.



So you want to have rare pal but you dnt want others will get it easier?

Hello AK,

this headline is a bit unfair :grinning:

Gonna change the topic name :grinning: . Thanks for the info though. I guess it’s just extreme bad luck :slightly_frowning_face: , oh well

 i got Growl

Why bad luck? Now you have one Aska to donate. 

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hey I had the same.

I got aska in a pets event…and the week after, I found another one in a regular pet chest…

Maybe there is a better stat to get a pet when you already have it…anyway, I wont complain, it was an additional pet to donate to the team ?