Unnanounced Event does not work

Hey Flare,

It seems to be Bug Week again.

To maximize the confusion, Events do not get announced in Forum anymore. Or do they?

They still announce themselves. Not precisely when they start - as we all know - but they do. At least sometimes.

This one announced itself but does not work. Please communicate Flare! @flaretara

Event not started

No changes in prises

So no announcement- no event


Win- win)

But we had working unannounced events before, I think.

So, everything is possible. Endless possibilities… :lol:

Hopefully soon the blacksmith bug with pearl meltdown 0 seconds. :wink:

They need a “Boost your company” event.

Firing unqualified employee easier of 50%.
Removing of non productivity faster of 100%.
Resign of the incompetent management faster of 200%

many bugs its true. But they all not deadly bugs its good

I waited event tomorrow, so good we know now what will be)


 as i see- they are just very very short of employees and this is a problem, as i think.

i think they are doing well, many mistakes but they are trying at least

I think it’s only bad employees distribution, e.g. the “Pal division” is way too full of man power, giving us brand new pals almost every month… [/sarcasm]

I think short of employers cuz not big income

but i dnt know)

There will be no boost your offense event, I think it was just a mistake.

btw its ■■■■■■ event- but new stuff with reducing gold prise!


We now got an apology event  :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… what we know it’s not the boost offense event that comes now. When all my troops plus spells are maxed, then that event will definitely arrive  :blink:. So wait for around three weeks, then the time for that event is there (I need to max three more spells, the ones I never use).

They fixed it very fast) good job

Indeed, that’s a good job. compliments to the persons fixing this mistake so fast.


@Dena4 is correct, it was a mistake on our end. A message went live that shouldn’t have. As the updated message mentioned, there’s no Boost Your Offense Event planned for this week. Sorry about that! 

Not big deal

It was fixed very fast- so all fine

It can happen @flaretara. I think players should not always look for the worst. I think it is solved in a very neat way.

We are very pleasant guys)

Flare made a mistake? How rare. 

Well, I assume people may have fell for it… (I too took the announcement at face value).

Lesson learned is: Never take these in game announcement too seriously until you check the Royal Revolt 2 “Official Announcement” forum to see if it is indeed a valid event. I will assume that any announcements displayed in two places are no mistake.

And yes: one can check the wiki first for the non-event Gold costs to see if this is indeed lowered when assuming an event is in play.

Good PR would btw be to have those that did start an upgrade of troops/spells to lower the costs and time needed in accordance with what the event would have “saved” a player on those upgrades only .

Then again…

Considering FG would have to go over the logs and therefor would not be working on bug fixes… Hmmm never mind the suggestion. I rather they work on squashing bugs first.