Unofficial Community Discord

Hey everyone, it is me again…

Just a quick announcement-like thread in case you dont have a habit of checking the announcement box: There is now an _ unofficial community discord _ server that can be accessed through the following link:

While we know that there is a vibrant Line community, discord provides some very decent options to consider:

a) It supports custom emoji

b). It supports management and moderation (we are actually making an organized and sane group this time. There is a drama channel too)

c) It is very convenient to use, as there are no governmental restrictions there (Russian players - rejoice)

And there are more cool features. I am simply too lazy to list them all.

We would welcome all of the community members, regardless of English being your first, second or fiftieth language. We can speak plenty, so you are likely to be understood.

Please, do not hesitate PMing me if you have questions.


Infamous (And at least 4 other players running the server)