Unreadable Alliance Chat

When will you fix the new chat format that everyone in my alliance is complaining about not being able to read font colors? Thanks.

In my alliance all are complaining about the chat. Impossible to see. Especially our names. They appear micro. Communication is essential in war and this change on the chat is going to complicate things. We don’t know what to do. I expect the support team do something to restore the chat to the normal size. Tks

The chat system will be fixed in the future. Cap. Morgain said so in another thread a day ago.

Yeah well, with all respect for the devs, I don’t understand how such an uber failure has slipped in the update while it’s clear it’s not even in a beta stage … 

On the positive side, at least the devs know just how much we hate the new chat system thus leading them to change it for the better. :wink: