Unreasonable Conquest needed(?) price.

How the price things in the event being calculated? So if we are not having high level headquarters alliance we won’t be able to play to the fullest? It’s really make some alliance down. An alliance build their headquarters based on their alliance capability which determined by alliance levels (members). They need alliance gold to build those and most of them will stop at the certain limit due to that. Please make things reasonable here.
I’m talking about the price of tower and research. Here the example research from level 4 headquarters:

How can we research this? any clue than to upgrade alliance strongholds?

We went up one tier from the last conquest. This time around we cannot afford to research anything and are struggling to get stone to build towers.

The cost of everything has risen significantly and I don’t know if that is due to a rise in tier or Flare fiddling again.

We have similar problems, all our alliance stronghold buildings are level 6. Our max wisdom is 60k. After 3 researches, we already ran out of wisdom. It was also due to the ‘smart’ move to increase wisdom with less than 24 hours on the clock. Many team members did donate and had to wait more than a day, before being able to donate more wisdom.

Then we followed one path, but next research was over 50k wisdom. So how any team with our level of alliance building can ever research that? Just by having all members donate their wisdom and then wait for 2 more days. I don’t know but it feels like some strange assumption is made by keenflare about stronghold buildings.

We also went up a layer, from 150 layer to 200 layer. In the previous layer alliance stronghold buildings 6 were more than enough, in layer 200, it’s only enough for the first few resources. We are expected to have 7-8 alliance headquarter there, plus members at least have their buildings at level 6-7 average to donate enough. Some have indeed level 7 buildings, but most have 4-. Then there is no way to do research, even not to keep building headquarters.

And… Make sure that you don’t lose too many wars, since troops also are a problem. For upgrading our headquarter to level 7, 328M is required. Not all teams can afford (better read, only a few) to do that upgrade and then even need more gold to upgrade the 4 other buildings, a level 56 alliance like mine simply can’t afford it. 

It’s not much about the tiers, the cost to play Conquest was harshly increased in general.
On this Conquest my alliance is facing the same issues you mentioned about resources, and we didn’t have any of those issues of first Conquest. My team is still on the same tier as before (200).

We also now are at layer 200 (exactly 200 points), but will most likely drop a few conquest points, so we end up in layer 150. 

First conquest we indeed had it easy. As soon as a research was finished, we could start a new one and immediately refill. Now it’s the opposite indeed. Yes, in terms of alliance gold, research, stone the amount increased a lot.

But it’s fine with me, if we can win alliance gold (per player I hope!), I don’t really care that the costs are increased. Only… the costs for research and building should be decreased somewhat, it’s now a little bit steep in terms of resources. 

I could be cynical and say they want everyone to use gems to refill university. But some upgrades cost more than university can even hold. Hopefully they take a look at research costs.

IMO, they should lower the costs of he upgrades/researches.

Damn, even the WatchTower at level 2 is much more expensive!  :angry:

If they think holding a Library and collecting it’s wisdom non-stop is enough to farm for the tech-tree…

Think twice Flare. Even after several days we can’t hit that 30k tech-tree research.

Not being able to reach half of the tech-tree is very frustrating…

too much impensive. Same at level 59 with some members with building at level 8, some at 5 and 6 and the rest at 4. We are out of resources just after 3 days. So the rest of 5 days we play with nothing. We cannot do any more watchtower or do much War with no troops.

the cost should be like maybe half of now

Easy solution: improve your stronghold buildings/

we can buy every research, so everything is ok now

My Alliance has to go up 3 levels just to have enough gold to be able to increase our Stronghold to level 6, and then increase university to level 6. Making things cost more than your university can hold is just dumb, imo. Even from FG-making money point of view - no need on my part to spend gems to refill if it gets you nowhere…

Dnt use gems its absolutly your right.

but dnt blame flare in it, they gave you an opportunity 

You either spend alot of gems to make the store space as big as you can or use gems to refill as fast as you can or both to play . Really a bad move, i know the company money … but still …ehh idk anymore 


Yes, they did if we cared to bother. I just think the costs should reflect what’s attainable during any given Conquest by the Alliance playing it. A level 20 Alliance with a level 3 stronghold should still be able to buy their way down their research tree if they spend enough gems. Or build a level 3 tower.

It’s dumb mechanics otherwise, imo, both from a gameplay side and a money-making side.


It is the small and medium alliances that are the future of this game and you should try to emphasise with their problems and issues.

The complaints are because they are not happy and very frustrated.

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Stronghold too expensive, along with everything else.

Our alliance GENERALI Lvl 36 - our level only produces 79,440,000 gold but we need 128,140,000 to upgrade stronghold to next level… this is unattainable for us so we are stuck. Conquest was very hard because we couldn’t produce enough resources and we were fighting a lvl 60 alliance…

Frustrating and unfair

Hello guys,

Thanks for your feedback. I will forward it to the devs.

Have a good day!