Unrecoverable on iOS but Android is possible, but the helpdesk does not help me.

I request the assistance service to recover my account, I ask the audience to provide documents and information to prove that it was indeed my account after several exchange with the assistance I no longer answer . I wonder if the service does not do so to help me so I created a new account and I find myself buying diamonds. if that is the case I prefer to denounce deception. if this is not the case I hope to be supported by the service.

Hello, douche. I can say that the service works, because two of my ally friends have lost their accounts and have recovered. Just go to http://flaregames.helpshift.comand click in contact.



You should have received an answer by now, please check your request! :grinning:

I just go to helpshift I’m cais my request. this is the 3rd they tell me that I must go out and redammarre my game and I found my old account. but nothing happens. I think that I am two weeks request their help .I give them all what they ask me to activate my old.

Hey dolche93,


Normally your account should be restored now, please check and let us know :grinning: