Flare games I think you should provide us a way to sell towers which we are not using anymore…i have 6 arrow towers,6 bomb towers and 6 spikes each upgraded to level 6 in the inventory…and hey I have a question yesterday I saw a video on YouTube and that player has 2560 pearls.is it normal to have that much pearls because I found it difficult to get pearls in this game where you have to spend seven gems to get one pearl…

What if I told you that there is an achievement for collecting 10 000 pearls that rewards you with 3 500 gems ? I’m 40% through it. It’s not unusual for high level, long-time players to accumulate so many pearls.

Also people were asking Flare for a while to be able to sell towers but no luck so far. However, from my experience of the game, all towers can be proven useful at some point of the game since Flare once a while likes to change the balance of power. E.g Previously barricades were useless for high level players and now it’s a must. Poison towers are pretty good for trap bases along with frost traps.  

In my opinion, even if Flare allows for tower selling i wouldn’t do that. Getting gold in the game at some point it becomes an easy task, while trying to upgrade a tower to a competitive level takes much more time and effort. 

Evelthon-thanx for the info man…

Dont mean to take this topic away from its original discussion but…


That 10k pearl thing, do I have to have 10k unspent pearls :blink:

it count the ones I spend as well

Ah good. Would be unrealistic if it didnt lol

Btw, there are already several other topics for exactly the same question.

For example:





And yes, I agree with Evelthon. Obsolete buildings might proof worthy at a later point. And all of the three mentioned types - arrow, bomb, trap - have elite boosts, so they can be powerful :grinning:

Although it is kind of nice to have the unused towers in your storage as if they get buffs they may be very useful again down the road. See elite boost arrorw/bomb towers. They got a sizable upgrade with elite boosts.


On the pearl topic most people that youtube this have spent a lot of money in game myself included or they have been playing for 6 months+ and saved up a lot.

I think u gys r r8…I chekd a difrnt combination of old nd new towers nd its working 4 me…u guys helped a lot thanx…

if that becomes possible, many high level players would just invest in useless towers like arrow tower and upgrade it upto 1m and use that to sell and get too much gold easily

again it would be unfair