Unusual freeze of screen

IGN - subhashcbhanu

Dear Flaregames, an unusual screen freeze is detected since day 2 of the ongoing conquest, it was detected during last conquest too but it was gone when conquest was over but again appered on day 2 of the ongoing conquest. Game screen freezes in every 5 or 6 seconds for 1 or more seconds and speciall during raids on the bases which has gargoyle nest. It freezes from the conneting screen to everywhere. Last time I thought it was the problem of my phone but I got complaint from all my mates who were using Android on last day of conquest. Please do something fast. I am attaching video link please watch.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/c7zyPiWryv4?feature=oembed https://www.youtube.com/embed/nvEygE7CdfQ?feature=oembed



I am facing it for the past half an hour during conquest.So is my alliance member.

the same here 

Hey guys,

Thanks for reporting this. What kind of devices (OS + version) are you using?

Android 8 ,sansung j7 prime2 wifi 50mega


Same here since day 2 in conquest season. Even moving over the landcape/map were laggy.

Galaxy S7+, Android 8.


@Sasch I am using Mi Note 4 and Android 7.0

Same lagging as for others. Galaxy S7+ edge, Android 8.

Thanks guys for your information.

Do the freezes still occur for all of you or did they stop after the end of the conquest?

Yes, lags freezes stop-motion, suddenly all my troops died, killed by lags

occurred only during the last two conquest, after the end the freezes stopped

what do all these have in common? Mobile devices. I haven’t had this problem, and I play on Windows PC. Hope this helps narrow down. Maybe we can get a few more PC players in here to confirm or deny

next conquest coming, and no answer yet

the problem continues for the third conquest  



the same problem in my alliance …but here it starts this night 15.12.2018 

Hi everyone. also IP and many in our alliance we have problems with lock screen. that one is present only in the conquest !!! the other battles continue normally !!! please solve problem !!! Android use 7.0 A7 blackview phone

Hi @Madlen still happening just had screen frozen and game crashed in a middle of conquest raid ?? and It counts as a loss. 

Tommy1709 platform windows 10 

the freezes continue for the fourth conquest ?

this issue was opened on November 25 and no one gave a response … we are with the same freeze shown in the videos, what are you waiting for? finish our gems? or uninstall the game? tell me how much it costs to fix the game, maybe it will be cheaper to pay for the repair than to be buying gems


sansung j7 prime2 


Same here. Had to gem every raid so far… it’s unplayable. Every 2 or 3 seconds it lags for 1 or so second. Everything becomes unresponsive and it’s a nightmare to get the spell Timing right.

Fix it asap. But what do we expect. It’s weekend