Unusual freeze of screen

Same here. Game freezes all the time. Reinstalled game but nothing works. Cannot even do my attacks. This s…s!

Same here. Game freezes most of the times,I thought it was my device,but all guys at facebook group also saying same .device,samsung galaxy tab,android.

i don’t know. On my side i find it weird never got any crash,freeze or problem on my PC Windows 10 since over 1 year maybe 2. So no clue. Seem the majority of problem are on mobile Ipad/Iphone with what I read in bugs section. No clue why on mobile all those crash and freeze. Due to Limited power? maybe…in WWE Champions all was fine in past month. Since few month I have lags and freeze each 2 min and freeze on screen during 2-3 min. Unplayable.The improvement of the game with update who improve the graphic and performance of the game is too much for my old Ipad Air 2. Not enough strong to run this game smooth anymore.

Remember mobile device have a lifespan of 2 year maximum. After you will meet problem after problem

So my tough Iphone and Ipad are limited its the main cause problem. So when a game have performance and improvement update who demand more details and graphic some device cannot follow. So some can work great at version 3.0 but struggle at 4.0 and now at 4.4.1 its possible its too much for some device

Of course if you have a Iphone X and this thing happen the problem is elsewhere

if you meet so much bugs 4 question people most ask themself

1.Are they mobile are limited in power? I means Ghz,speed,memory,etc…Enough to run RR2 fast and smooth?

2.If they have their mobile for more than 2 years? (time to change if its the case)

3.Slow internet

  1. Come from Flare

by example if I don’t have encounter any crash or problem its because maybe of this :

1.My internet is really fast 65 Mbps with 30 ms ping

2.My PC is new from few month. So all inside are ok and its really powerful

  1. My drivers up to date

  2. Cleaning with program and all

etc…so if a problem happen one day its not on my side. So i will know its from Flare


the error is related only to conquest … the conquest is over, the freezes are over

the freezes continue for the fifth conquest This question was opened on November 25


Today game has become totally unplayable. All 3-4 seconds freezes.

Android 8.1


Yes I am facing same issue the game get freeze for 2 or 3 seconds. I lost my so much trophies and gems. Please give compensation also



IGN: [VS] 

Using Honor 8X Andriod 8

Hello, I am getting simmilar or maybe the same problem. But for me it is not even during the game, the problem is that game crash the all PC, showing the window only blue colour or brown or any other and than blocking the game totaly and if you want to go back in I must shut down because after the crash all the screen is black and game is finished. It was never happen before, these thing lats for last few days. I playing this game per loptop windows.