Unusual Snake tower encountered.

So I was attacking player named McMichael and he has a snake tower in the first corner which is completely ignored by attacking troops and has extremely high health. It only goes down after numerous repeated hits by the hero and takes forever for that to happen. It as well does not produce any poison, so it does not do any damage. Weird bug or some kind of cheat by the player? Please try it out and let me know what is going on there?

Hey chuck, it’s very likely that this player has a high level snake tower and you stunned the tower (either with the Stun Spell, with Stunning Ogre, Mummy, or a Stun perk on your sword). Stunning the tower would make it not produce any poison and thus, no damage. It’s not a cheat or a bug. Hope this helps :slight_smile:  

I think he would know if he stunned the tower…

You are right.

Can’t hit that tower and it doesn’t do anything either (no zombies and no damage).


Oh wow, I was definitely wrong. That does look like a bug to me, cause if it was a hack, then the troops would be trying to take it down. It may be possible that he is currently building a new Snake Tower on that space and for some reason it is appearing during the attack even though it isn’t built yet 

Not sure what you mean - you never got in the Snake Tower’s range to hit it with your Hero’s weapon, nor did any of your spells so much as touch it. Of course you couldn’t hit (and didn’t) it under such circumstances…

If anything, it’s the units that didn’t hit the tower, but as we see with the Pro Archer afterwards, he does eventually hit the tower, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary - incoming enemy units take priority to be attacked, not towers. The Snake Tower did spawn Zombies and was damaging your Ninjas, as seen at 0:44 mark and onwards.

No idea what seems to be the problem here.

I could destroy the tower after triggering Donkey guardian boost with my hero hitting it but it took forever. And no, tower did not spawn any zombies ( at 44 mark it was spawned by the other normal snake tower, not the one which we are talking about) or did not produce any poison and not a single troop hit it. I can save my attack on him I guess and let you be the judge. Or even better, attack him yourself before commenting without even trying to understand what is the problem.

You’re looking at the wrong Snake Tower. Keep watching the video until the end. :grinning:

Here is video of me eventually destroying the tower. Note that none of the troops spawned hit it… no poison produced.




So no response if this bug will be fixed from anybody?

no clue I don’t have check the old post of few weeks ago but I know many have report in the past Snake Tower invincible. Some was not able to destroy it. Some others bug like you describe seem to happen with no damage, no zombie,etc…So maybe a lots of bugs related to Snake

found it :

the title still in reviews. So not fixed. during this time maybe others bugs have come

Yup, tried ZuZuKings base, same location for snake tower, same issue. maybe we all should build the path the same way and place snake tower there lol.

We fixed the issue for that player, thank you!

Unfortunately, it’s not a single player issue. I’ve seen it a few times

In case you see such towers in an opponent’s defense again, please contact us (preferably via PM :grinning: