Unwanted insta troop spawn (Windows 10)

I’m facing this problem where I’m raiding enemy players and from time to time I spawn insta troops for no reason.

My cursor is nowhere near the insta troop button & I’m not pressing the hotkey.

It usually happens on screens where it is crowded with troops and I think I’m always holding down my mouse to direct the movement of my king.

I’ve got this behavior on my Windows 10 RR2 standalone app, can’t recall I’ve had it before while playing in Facebook or on Android.

@Stay0Puft, is it possible your finger slipped off one of the 1, 2, or 3 numbers? I’ve done this before and spawned an insta troop after I meant to click 3 and accidentally hit E

First times I had this, I was thinking the same.

But in the mean time, I’ve had it happen several times when I was not pressing any button at all (all spells in cooldown & no morale).

have you contacted support? we all know how support helps in these kinds of situations 

I think I’m first looking for confirmation here to see that it happens with other players as well  :grinning:

My issue with insta troops is solely the location of the button (it’s in the way preventing me from moving back from corners) thus I don’t use insta troops at all to prevent misclicks.

Never had anything autospawn (except for when using Aska :stuck_out_tongue: ) but quite often I had the king move unintentionally when tapping the 3rd troop button, and I think I was well within the button area. Maybe the button’s input area isn’t exactly where it should be (or my tap is half a pixel to the outside?).

Edit: forgot to mention (though everyone should know by now) that I use phone, so can’t say how spazzy controls are on pc.

This happens for me also. The insta troops just keep spawning off of cooldown.

To the guys using PC with Win 10, what kind of computer are you using? THe reason i ask, is that the reason i’m even on this game is that it came as an app on the new HP Envy laptop i bought. I’ve never used Windows 10 before, but i’m slowly learning (to hate) it. i got the laptop to replace an archaic desktop and i like the dual-mode screen it has.  i do have a mouse and keyboard i purchased separately (i’m a working man and have calloused hands so i can’t feel where my fingers are on the piddly chiclets they call a keyboard on the laptop) whenever i type, but i use the touchscreen “side” almost exclusively.  i just hate the touchscreen keyboard…  

My laptop folds into a tent to use the touchscreen, and i’ve noticed if i have it sitting like that propped up with my leg underneath, it has a tendency to press unwanted things where it rests on my leg if i press too hard on the ends of the screen.   it’s made my cursor take off into the stratosphere at times, and when playing the game, i’ve accidentally spawned instas in this way too.  also when playing the game, i use the touchscreen exclusively- no mouse or cursor.  sometimes, when swiping across the screen, my finger will go a little too far and swipe across the insta button and oops, there’s some wasted troops…  :angry: ven though i never lifted my finger…  i don’t think it’s a bug, i just need to install a guardrail around the blinking insta button. 

I have same problems as you@Stay0Puft. On Windows 10 PC. I usually hold down the left/right mouse button to move the king. When I move the mouse cursor across the insta troop icon, it spawns the troops.

This only happens in some raids, while other raids it won’t. And this problem only arise for a couple of months recently.

Interesting thing is, when I hold and move the mouse across the other icons (spells, troops, scrolls) it wont activate the respective icons.

This is annoying as heck. When I need to pull back quickly I usually drag the mouse to the bottom of the screen, right under the insta troop icon.

I’ve stopped using insta-troops ever since, as I don’t want to be an insta-troops eater of my alliances and friends.

Hope they fix this. @FTB

I’ve had it happen during pro leagues too, where it is more crucial for good timed insta’s…

It happend to me twice yesterday, could be because I was really drunk …

Don’t drink and play, kids  :stuck_out_tongue:

I am very conservative using instas… however playing on mobile with my fat thumbs most instas used are by accident :X

can’t imagine I am the only one, it is located in the middle right under where the king is, where most of the moving occurs…

Well it finally happened, this bug has cost me my ninja event.

I was clearing gate towers in level 27 when for no reason I suddenly had 2 canons in the gate area. Result: Gate went down before final gate tower was cleared.


I have no reserve fights left: I failed one reserve try because I did too many levels in my luck gear (my mistake), I failed another one because of a crash (see screenshot):

Too much bug related in Alliance : crash during War Season,freeze during donation of insta-troops, insta troops who spawn themselves without click on it,etc… that why I prefer play solo without any alliance. Ok less rewards and stuffs but at least the game run better this way

That may be true Warrior, but playing alone in an online multiplayer game is just…


I’m still having these unwanted insta troops spawning from time to time. Having insta troops spawning in the gate area can prevent me from getting a 100% victory. The only thing I know is I’m holding down my mouse button down to move the king, but it’s not like I’m passing the insta-troop icon with my mouse.

Even mentioning it in my last ticket to support it just gets ignored.

I lost my reward of uber chests from last ninja event which I could have opened this Blacksmith event already due to this bug, don’t want this to happen again during this community week…

Also my laptop has this problem.

I lost several insta-toops in current pro league because of this issue. I’ll create a ticket hoping to finally get some response…

Guys I know is a bit OT but how can I download RR for Windows?
I found it on W store but it doesn’t start any download.
Is it still working?