Unwanted insta troop spawn (Windows 10)

Yes it works. Not sure what your issue is exactly, but installing it from the store should be pretty straightforward…

Found an older video as “guide”: 


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this bug is no more about just insta troop. This bug now affect too the normal troops. right now I have do a fight alone with no troops all going fine until I forgot one Monk lol so I return to tent to defeat him and I have touch nothing I was surprise to see a Pyromancer go out of my tent. I have click on my Hammerstrike not Pyromancer. So this bug start to be really annoying

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Update for you! The Devs found the source of this problem and a fix should come soon ?

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Are there news about version 4?

Again a battle in war this time with 3 times calling unwanted insta troops, last call was at the gate.

Result -> gate towers left standing.

That fix implemented soon please.

Keep waiting for them…

'Cause Flare isn’t gonna say a damn thing