Up the cap of level for Hero

the max is capped at level 20 but when you reach Ascension 80 or before you have max close the 5 or 6 first one Heroes and its close useless to use them after. In RR2 Flare have up the cap in many reprise. 110 to 120,120 to 130 and now I think they planify to up at 140 for 4.0

in OR can be cool if we can have now Hero level 30. its time to up the cap. However not just up the cap just like that. You must give something interesting to do for veteran players who want to have fun in game

Level 20 bring some 20% resistance for some Heroes. Level 30 should give if someone can do it. I don’t know each hero at 30 give a special chest maybe who contain 20 randoms stuffs. gems,gold,items,XP,titan,etc… its a kind of rewards to say congratulations to reach level 30. Why not a kind of Hero Pack. If you reach level 30 with Hercule you got 5 Hercule Chest for items