Up the leadership of heroe. thank you

Friends, can anyone tell me what leadership is for? It is one of the things we left last to go up and I don’t really know what it is for. How does it benefit? What are the advantages of increasing leadership? I never bother to forge with the blacksmith the leadership part in the inventory. On the other hand I think, if it’s in the game, it’s for something, it must be important, but I don’t know what function it has. I would appreciate if someone explains. Thanks friends. :wink:

It is good to have at least 18-20 k morale imo for good raids.


How good. Yes, I get it . Thank you friend for your explanation and for the link. Thanks friend. :wink: I love you. LOL

Now another question friend. My troops are faster in both places when climbing leadership? that is to say if I gain leadership … the troops are faster in attack as in defense? Thanks brother.

The perks of your items only affect your offense Rebeka.

Thus, the leadership only affects the speed at the morale bar (blue bottom bar) recharges while raiding.

To have your waves come more often (faster) on your defense, you have to upgrade your Castle Guard:

Hope it helped

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thanks friend. Yes, yes, I understand. Thank you for explaining to me. A hug friend. :wink:

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