Upcoming balancing change: Additional effect for "Intimidate"

?Hi Kings & Queens,

We will add a new additional effect to Intimidate. Units and obstacles affected by intimidate will be taking increased damage from all sources. Intimidated targets will still have decreased movement and attack speed. This will impact the Growl Pal as well as the bombs from the Heavenly Haven Tent Boost.

This change is planned for the new and upcoming version.

Interesting but I’m curious about range and duration. And from what pal level will this be visibly effective.

Is it me or am I the only one that feels intimidated by this effect ?? 

Yea, great idea.

just hope it wont be too op.

They must buff it immensively to make it OP.

Will that be enough to make me wanna invest any pal treat on my lvl 1 Growl, tho? ? 

But that’s the right way to fix Growl
IMO, that’s the pal with the worst ability in the game, and only buffing some numbers would not be enough, you gotta add new stuff too.

Intimidate effect is currently just a bad version of the Stun effect to me
And I see no reason why someone would use a pal that slows down enemies if we have a pal that completely stops enemies 

Exactly. Let’s see how they buff it…

Question: Will this change also impact the Growl beast?

It should, since the “intimidate” is the same right?

Growl is useless and will always be useless, unless he gets an additional ability. I would never use him for the intimidation

Can you please tell us how much in numbers or in percentages the increase in damage and decrease in movement and attack speed the affect will take place? And at what level of Growl do we see the changes? This is no information to us but just a fact.

I still have my doubts if players will use Growl now. To be honest, I even forgot that it existed ? 

Yep, I sometimes notice it as a beast. Notice is the correct observation, you have to look pretty fast, before you are even aware what kind of beast it was, it’s already defeated. 

Will be fun to see a barricade or blockade run away with tail between the legs and whines like a dog after being intimidated ? by growl pal.

Haha?, I still wonder who came up with the idea that obstacles can be intimidated. 

Well, to be fair, that’s kind of like expecting barricades to be frightened by howls/wolves. :stuck_out_tongue: But if towers can be weakened by the pal then obstacles should be no different.

Either way, good joke, I’d like to see that too.

Yes, all intimidates. Sorry for not making this clear in first place.

Hi there,

The Intimidate generalIy works like a reverse battlecry. Intimidate always has three effects. Regardless of the level of the Pal, Beast or Tent it will decrease movement and attack speed and increase the damage taken from all sources. The exact percentage numbers for each of these effects are highly dependent on various factors. I.e. the strength of the intimidate of a Growl Pal increases with the pal’s level as well as the hero level.


I do like the idea behind it, considering that boosted wolves also give resilience and therefore damage reduction. It would make sense that growl does the opposite. I might suggest that all howls include a resilience benefit, rather than just the howl from wolves to make the gameplay more uniform and now underused things like Pal Flute and Howl more attractive again, as well as the boosted Vikings and Ceres. If I’m understanding the difference between the boosted wolf howl, and the other howl effects in the game.

Wait, Intimidate already increases the damage taken from all resources? I thought that was the “new additional effect” mentioned on the first post 

If that’s already part of Intimidate, what’s gonna be the new additional effect then? 

I think what she wanted to say is:

“After these changes take place, the intimidate will always have three effects (…)”

Being the 3rd and new, the “increase damage taken from all sources”.

That’s what I thought too but then I went to check for more info about Growl, and Opelle’s video makes it seems like it does already increase the damage taken, even if just a bit:

Swordrain vs Ogre. Blizzard vs Skull Tower.

If I were to pick apart the statement I’d understand it something like this: regular intimidate decreases resistances so troops/buildings take more damage, but new intimidate will also add a bonus to inflicted damage. So it’s either the same thing from a different angle (i.e. nothing really changes) or there will be even more damage inflicted to intimidation victims (resistance decreased + critical hit).

All of this is speculation, we won’t know for sure until we get a clarification from the devs, and that’ll probably be no earlier than tuesday.