Upcoming balancing change for discussion: Eris buff

Hi there,

We are planning to buff Eris. This involves to raise the number of lightning arcs and maybe to increase the arc range.

We hope to make Eris a more desired pal with this. The exact numbers are not set in stone yet, however, we still wanted to communicate that we are planning this and get your opinion and concerns. 

So go! ?


Eris should attack buildings too.

well in my opinion if you are thinking about buffing janus and eris that their coast together is 40k that’s a 110k less than nemesis and not even considering making nemesis a price worthy pal  then buffing nemesis should be first on the list because for now nemesis real price would be 25k crystal not 150k thanks :slight_smile:  

This is really cool Madlen!

I just have one question: Is the buff aimed at the normal pal, the beast version, or both?

Thanks in advance.

Only pal :slight_smile:

Damn, I hoped for a better beast too.

Oh, well. Thanks anyway.

Having a better pal version can already be pretty cool

The cooldown of the Stun should also be lowered. Achimedes has far better range and lower cooldown.

Yes, a buff for Eris is desperately needed. Right now, I don’t know one player that uses Eris as their main pal. I like that you guys at flare are making us have more of a difficult choice, it’s good :grinning:  

I tried using Eris as my main pal for raids; however, less stun range and duration as well as the inability to affect certain troops and almost all buildings is a huge disadvantage. 

I appreciate the slightest efforts in working on improving this pal. My additional suggestion would be to also make it attack across lanes. Just a thought… ?

Aaaaaaaand it should stun units, who are “howled” also instead of ignoring them.

An improvement on the way it works would be more useful than increasing some numbers

First thing, like mentioned here before: Eris should attack buildings too!

Also, Necromancers, which are a huge part of the defenses at the moment, completely counter Eris!:

  • Necromancers and Skeletons are immune to Lightning Damage (I don’t know why!)

Wanna make Eris a more desired pal? Make it any useful against the most used Unit on defenses


Better know your friends …

Hi madlen,

As far as concerned, Archimedes is a pal but Eris is a pro pal! It costs 15k crystals to buy rather than getting Archimedes 100 times in a pal chest. So, ability of Eris (atleast at par) with Archimedes stun ability. 

It will be more better to use, when the abilities cooldown got much better! 

Well, it will be good to add the ability to attack units across the lane and attacking buildings make the pal, worth to use! Unless, we need to use the same old pals (no variance) 

P.s: try to add Growl in your buff list. Its sitting in a corner, looking my face sad!

Yes buff it and when it becomes overpowered and everyone starts buying it then nerf it…

So simple…

I think Growl needs a complete makeover. His ability should be changed from weaken to slow down (like the toxic cloud spell).

Edit: I will add this as an improvement-request also.

Eris who? This pal is probably in the same category as growl, especially when you consider that it’s a pro pal. Weaker than Archimedes, only the zapping ability is somewhat nice, but when you have a huge army, he will get lost in it and won’t do much. So yes, range has to increase. But lightning damage is useless. There are other pals that do more damage and also, which is more important, damage towers as well. Eris does nothing to them. Another pal that probably needs an additional ability to make it maybe useful

Hello again Kings & Queens,

After looking at your feedback and discussing internally, we want to do the following change with the new upcoming version (date for the new version not 100% firm yet, will be communicated later):

Eris Pal and Attack Beast buff (defense beast will remain the same):  -Increase the number of lightning arcs of the attack by 1 on all levels. -Remove the lightning from the spell. Add Swordrain spell instead. The stun range of the spell is matching the damage range.

As a reasoning behind this: Necromancers are one of the most used units in defenses. The current version of Eris does not attack Necromancers nor the Skeletons they raise, because they are immune against lightning. Therefore we will provide Eris with a powerful spell especially to deal with opposing Necromancers. Although Swordrain does not deal much damage to some other units (e.g. Skeletons) and towers, it also stuns all units and towers in range.

_ _ _

These changes do only affect the Eris Pal and the Offense Attack Beast version of Eris. No changes will be made to the Eris Defense Beast.

The argument here is, that,

    1. players rarely use Necromancers in offense
    1. no towers in offense -> ergo the beast will attack constantly with its lightning attacks.

_ _ _

Thanks for discussing with us.

This will also be announced in the Official Announcement section, once the new version is out.

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Are you about to breed some… Usefulness into Eris?

Damn! Sounds really cool!

I’m hyped, even though I don’t have Eris  :wink:

Let’s see how it goes.

Thanks in advance Madlen :slight_smile:

I would rather see the lightning immunity removed, as I see no reason for that. There are only 2 lightning damage that we can use to raid, Necromancer and Eris, and no one uses Necros to raid, so this immunity is just a direct counter to Eris.

But that’s some improvement. Yes, Swordrain has low damage against a lot of stuff, especially buildings (11/13 have piercing resistence), but at least it’s also super effective against some stuff, unlike lightning damage. Which not only isn’t a weakness of anything, but also is a immunity of a lot of things!

So, that’s how you’re gonna improve his special ability only, what about Eris’ primary attack? 
It currently does absolutely nothing against towers, archers, mortars, necromancers, skeletons and gargoyles (!) 

So it’s primary attack is not doing anything against almost everything on defenses! Please, fix that!