Upcoming balancing change for discussion: Eris buff

Eris copy troops? 

I bought it and found ghost troops

@Invizzzible that may be when malicious monk gets killed and then it cast black magic. Its not Eris.

oh sorry sorry, I forgot about the war ?

Now after new update, Eris can attack Towers too but its damage is negligible.
I don’t want to Increase its damage but what I want is this:

1. It should damage towers/obstacle (t/o) (not spikes) like she does to units (in jolts), which is 3 t/o at a time.
Like doing its as usual damage to primary t/o(which is 100%) then the next t/o should recieve **50%**damage and next t/o gets **25%**damage.

2. This Abililty just works only for Consecutive t/o. If there is gap of even 1 tile, it won’t work.

3. This ability doen’t works when Eris is attacking Spikes or if Spikes are nearby the t/o, Eris is currently attacking, they don’t get affected. Because Eris is already strong against Spikes.

Example: Like if Spike is the 1st to recieve attack, then only damage will be done to Spikes ONLY.
And if Spike is there at 3rd position with consecutive t/o, then only those two t/o will recieve damage (in their respective format i.e. 1st-> 100% & 2nd-> 50% damage).


I have a level 9 Eris and its pretty much same as it was before. Its lightning damage to buildings feels like eeww… Its 4.9k piercing damage is way too weak when compared with swordrain spell’s damage(8k damage). It will be cool to have much better ability for eris than low damaging special ability!