Upcoming balancing changes offense

Hi there,

Based on community feedback and because we want to strengthen the offense, we plan the following changes to go live at the earliest end of this week.:

Nemesis pal:

+1 sec transformation on all levels

Nemesis offense beast:

+10% damage on all levels

Conquest Gargoyle:

Increasing speed in offense per each boost level

Conquest Tent:

+20% heal power on all levels

+1 healing range on all levels


Pals and offense beasts will become slightly stronger on low and mid player levels.


Please be aware all changes and dates are subject to change.

If you have constructive feedback, please leave it in the thread below.

See you in the forums,




So all three players who already bought Nemesis will like it!  :wink:


Is really somebody using the Gargs in Offense?

@Madlen Can you please define low and mid player levels? 

Level 1 - 25 gg

@MasMiikaelDon’t tag her!!! You risk a ban … ?

From the toxic FAQ:



hahahah Since when? Oh my… I haven’t been here for ages. Looks like I have missed this one.

Sorry, I cannot give details here.

I think it is a valid question. You changed stats for only an amount of players but cannot say, to whom this applies to? 

Changes seem fine, but won’t really affect the game much in general

The changes will probably effect only 100 players. The 5 that have the Nemesis Pal, the 5 that use Gargos on offense and the 90 that need the healing tent. Although if you need the healing from your tent in your attack, you will face bigger problems on your way ahead. This will just prolong your suffering. 

Ok I am a bit puzzled. I have pushed for the option to discuss upcoming balancing changes with you together and to make this discussion possible in the forums, so we can work together.

Then I am announcing this new info -  and this is the reaction: Orko makes fun about the amount of people the change might be useful for (Nemesis), Eyja uses it to hate on the rules and  the whole thing is drifting off-topic again.

Is this how you imagine the use of this opportunity? Can we please stick to the topic or I have to reevaluate the purpose of this extra thread.

Thank you.


To be honest Madlen, what do you expect? Who has Nemesis? Who will profit from this changes? You leave more questions than answers …

Thanks for saying this madlen. I am warning a user to not risk his account. Appriciated!!

Or you could just decide to scroll on if the change does not affect you. :grinning:


I mean you did that, that is correct. But it is also about the way you did it, and you know that this is what I mean.


How could I know if it does affect me or not? I`m Level 114 - is this high or medium for you?

I was writing the post but I saw the last answer of Madlen and so I added something to my original post:

  1. Nemesis pal and offensive gargoyle: I really think they affect, rounding up, something like 1% players in the game. This is not making fun of the business, this is the reality. If nobody is using them, how do you aspect any comment about this modification?
  2. Conquest tend: it was good already, if it become stronger it’s better, but what I see weak is the attack range, if you are not inside the tend the whole time you will see 2-3 bombs in total…
  3. Pal stronger for low-mid players: good for them, buff are always welcome (when not OP).

Discussion is always good, but you should expect reactions from everyone, not just the people affected by the modifications, also because if the mods affect a small amount of users, the large amount of them will start guessing why the problems affecting the most are not tackled by the devs and will look at the modification made for the few as a waste of time.

I use gargoyles as my insta troop. Other than that these changes have no effect for me?

I also would like a definition of low level players? 

Why should their pals and beast be stronger?  They need to level up… then there stuff will be stronger? 

Sorry, I know this was probably meant with good intentions?

However,  I do not believe these are the items most people are concerned with? 

Madlen, now I am puzzled.

Players are waiting for serious changes. Playing with the current working Combos is stressful and not fun anymore. Still many are thinking about leaving. The balancing changes above are indeed not important. And you are freaking out because of being off topic?

This is an opportunity not for us, but for you to make things right!


You are aiming at the wrong targets.

I don’t think strengthening the offense with buffs on a pal that almost no one have or boosts that most alliances won’t even have the gold or the will to keep is a good answer.
On last balancing changes you removed power from the best pal that anyone could have (!), and boosts that were basic for any alliance to keep!

Conquest Gargoyle and Conquest Tent already are strong enough, btw. If NO ONE is complaining about their strength, why are they getting buffed?? Buff the weak stuff instead. It’s not good for the game balance adding more strength to something that’s already strong.

I would like a better detailed description than just “slightly stronger” and “low and mid player levels”, please.

Btw, the issue with Nemesis is not realy it’s power, is it’s price that made the pal become a joke! It will never be strong enough to cost 150k crystal, unless it totally breaks the game balance gaining the power equivalent to it’s price.

Orko could have just said (giving an example here)

  • This change does probably not affect a lot of people. I cannot give an opinion about it.

Eyja could have just said - Hey, please have a look at the updated rules. I don’t like them but we are asked to not tag staff anymore.

As for the rest of your points (1-3) thanks, I think this feedback is totally fine. And sure people can also give feedback if they are not affected by it, that is also welcome. It was rather about orko’s tone of message, and I think this is pretty clear. If not I have made it clear now.

For the level stats, I cannot give you a number. It is not a bad intention of mine to withhold the numbers. So I am sorry but this is all I can communicate about it.

I intended to announce all the upcoming balancing changes. Some of them will be minor, some of them will be major. Some of them are being worked on before I was here, some of them since I was here.

Just because we are announcing one thing, does not mean we are not working on another thing. But these balancing changes are the ones upcoming, and just because they are not as important to you as others, it doesn’t make sense to go off-topic.

Also Magischer König - I don’t think I was freaking out here.