Upcoming balancing changes offense

So coming to topic.   Thanks for update 

But hope flare realize that nemesis is owned by a tiny majority of the population.   I have done almost every pro and cannot afford it as I bought Phoebe for alliance.   So the nemesis balance just more useful if u want more folks to buy it for 150k crystals.  My alliance ditched nemesis to donate Phoebe’s.  Specially the 15 selfless folks.    Anyway thanks for making nemesis more worth while so maybe some folks can consider buying it.    But please understand that it no where helps in over all offense and defense balance when very folks even have it

Conquest boosts:.  Changing this only helps make the conquest boosts slightly better so ppl might feel less fustrated about conquest.   But does not help in over all balance as it has expired for most anyway.


Defiine high and low lvl king.  Please.   Does this impact lvl 99 and not lvl 100.   Isn’t it a bit vague.  In the end no one knows it is applicable to whom.   Maybe just 120 and above Kings might m ow they are high.  Rest are confused including me at 116.   I would like to consider myself as high level. ?


In summary it makes nemesis more tempting to buy and makes conquest boosts a bit better.   But these don’t help in over all balance.  But as a separate update, thanks for info



Well, I have an opinion but I will not share it. You can have your topic back. I will no longer bother you text. Have fun.

Ok.  Just saw reply from cm.   I guess any updates to balance are posted here.   Just. Note that this does not help many folks,. But thanks for update. 

Maybe it could be a good idea to make a new “Watch List” topic? So we know what is coming and if we are really being heard.

We had one before but it was forgotten a while ago.

This is the replacement of the watchlist.

I’m pretty sure that none of these changes will hurt anyone in anyway, so why all the grief? 

This is the only part that warrants better explanation.  What is low/mid and how does it change?  
ex: say a level 25 player gets a level 8 Tammy and work up to level 100+ (guessing this is high level), will that same level 8 Tammy get weaker? or do the stats scale by king level and the range of scaling will be smaller?

@orko, I think low to mid level would mean level 1-80 or maybe 90. I mean, that’s what I define as low to mid. Any above that is in the upper portion of the game, so. I think it also depends on the level of buildings of the player

Something better than nothing. But nothing good for me in these changes. Sorry disappointed!! 

Next will be increase offense of mortar. 

Think of it as the 1st snowflake of winter

Okay. Fair enough and thanks for letting us know.

But your customers are waiting for a solution to the important problems.

Prioritizing would be helpful here.

Prioritizing is the wrong way to think about it.   
They can work on multiple things at once. 

If a solution requires code changes, then that takes time to code / /test / fix / test / check / double check / test / release
  (and if anyone complains about the bugs we do see, you have no clue what they deal with before it gets too us)

The above is only after they decide on what to change.  I’m sure some of the stuff we are waiting for are because they haven’t agreed on the proper solution. 

Hi M…len. For me it would be good to know your definition for low and mid level player. Should I be very happy when I’m level 118? I don’t know because I have totally no idea if 118 is defined low or mid level. Just saying. 

Why couldn’t flare start by just giving us hammerstrike and ceres back? Buffing conquest boosts and nemesis will change nothing for 99% of us really

The pals thing I won’t comment because you can’t give us the definition of low-mid level players yet

still nemesis is big fail it doesn’t worth even 50k 

I am not a fan of big balance changes. But to correct the 4.0 one we might need another big one.

This has to come as a package then. Not one small pal change here and then maybe another one there. So, yes, focusing on the things that are taking the fun out of the raids should be a priority. 

And if there indeed was so much thinking and double testing before, why are we now having so much disappointment? 

The update seems pretty good for me. 

-Nemesis really needs a increase, is very weak for the price it costs.
-Gargoyle: good, it’s a weak troop.
-I liked the Tent the most, it’s hard to get this boost, so it really needs to be better.

Also, I want to know what “low and mid player” means. If they are the beginners, it looks good, the defenses are getting harder, no one start there as a pro player.

Because there’s nothing wrong with hammerstrike and Ceres now. They are balanced. 

Absolutely balanced right now, just some skills needed , earlier people were raiding with paying any attentioj to defensive details and stil winning which is not the case anymore

Ohh they heard the community ???

  1. Who’s asking a balance on nemesis ? It’s nemesis the problem of attack ??? How much players have nemesis ??? It’s this a way to force us to play pro league? Spend gems on tickets and buy it as nemesis will be the only way to start winning again all raids ?? …

  2. off course so much people were asking about gargoyles in offense because “we all raid with them” !! (NO ONE USE THEM) 

  • If flare really listens to community they would have answer us a word about our peaceful and white protests, more than 100 allies set a white the flag to show flare we are in protest because we are not happy about 4.0 update, defense is so OP And because flare take from us what belongs to us after spending time, effort and money (Ceres, hammer, tc etc) !!!  In the post here in forums i describe point by point what the community is REALLY asking to be balance BUT sadly we don’t have yet a single answer !!!

its easy, we want: BALANCE on troops, BALANCE on spells, BLANCE on towers, we don’t want to invest a lot of money, gems, time farming pearls to have perked and spell and then flare nerfing it, we don’t want to spend a lot of pal food by spending gems (money) on a pal to see that at the end flare will make it useless, ITS NOT FAIR !!! We have spend real money on that !!! 

its obvious that what is behind this “good changes” it’s flare wanting us and forcing us to play pro league and conquest. 

We, The more than 100 allies are still waiting an answer from flare. 


Leader of Todesritter 

Well, I think I have tried almost all promising new combos against tough bases by now. With more or less success. Depending on the availability of boosts or the bases attacked. They are all more stressful now and you can have a looot of bad surprises. Not even talkng about taking out those ***** Gatetowers…

This is not what most people want!

 Though I realize some need and want this tough challenge. But it is a different game now. I would not have minded harder bases but changing how so many troops work at once? Come on!

Not sure if it even is worth investing in adapted gear if stuff can be changed any time or depends on warboosts.

I really would like to have my old Combo back. It was fun to play and I kind of could relax using it. I still do not like it being taken away considering I was so ***** paying a lot of money for developing up to the point where I was able to use it.