UPCOMING balancing changes with version 5.3

Hi guys,
Long-time no topic here so now let’s post this mega topic :wink: :

None of these changes are live yet!

The new version will contain lots of balancing changes that will go live with the force update (force update= Live Server Update after a new version was published to force all users to use the new version). So to be clear: These changes are NOT LIVE YET. These are upcoming balancing changes and we will inform you when the changes become effective.

Alright, now let’s hop into the details! :slight_smile:

Upcoming balancing chances with 5.3:

Trusty :rr2trusty:

Trusty is the only Guardian that can currently be activated four times per battle.

Guardian activations are very powerful in general so we decided to reduce Trusty’s appearances per battle to three times.

Additionally, Trusty’s Ice Aura range will be slightly reduced by one and it’s HP will be decreased by ~33% on all levels. These measurements are taken to keep Trusty more in line with Guardians of the same rarity as the Donkey.

Gaspar :rr2gaspar:

Gaspar is the rarest Guardian and deserves a buff. We increased its attack, Intimidate Aura and Royal Flush ability range by +0.5.

Gaspars appearance duration also received a buff to 30sec (25sec before) and is now able to cast its Royal Flush ability twice within that duration.

Defense Zombies :rr2zombiedance:

Zombies are perceived to be a little bit too weak in defense so we decided to increase their HP by +15% on all levels.

Ascension Archer

Increased the interval between Ascension Archers dieing and merging again from 5 to 8 seconds.

We realize that the Ascension Archer is a beloved Boost by many and therefore did not reduce the power directly but slightly increased the time it takes until a transformation happens.


Increased duration of summoned Wolf Cubs by +5sec for Werewolf:Leader of the Pack Rune Level 6. :wolf: Level 6 Rune effects should be unique and meaningful.

Caps for Movement Speed and Farmer :dash::man_farmer:

Movement Speed Bonus is capped at +120% and Farmer Bonus is capped at +95%. We would like to allow more itemization and Rune options for you to experiment with. At the same time it is necessary to keep certain stats in check, like it has been done with Hero Scream Bonus i.e. for a long time now.

Hidden Treasures :arrow_upper_right:

Increased amounts of Hidden Treasures that can be found in battle for: Gold, Food, Pal Treats and Pearls.

While Runes and Gems are likely to be the most desirable objects found as Hidden Treasures, different less rare drops should feel rewarding as well.

Storm Cannon Elite Boost

Removed the damage reduction on all levels and reduced the attack speed increase to 0.4 - 0.6 over all seven levels. The HP increase stays untouched.

Removed the +% Blunt damage from the card which was incorrect and added an accurate attack speed increase stat instead.

The attack speed was reduced (was 0,8 across the board before) which removes the necessity of having the base damage being reduced by a huge amount.

This results in a 7%-25% DPS increase overall.

Speedy Bomb Tower :bomb:

Removed the damage reduction of bombs on all levels and reduced the attack speed increase from x3 to x2 on all levels.

Removed the +% Blunt damage from the card which was incorrect and added an accurate attack speed increase stat instead.

The attack speed was reduced which removes the necessity of having the base damage being reduced by a huge amount.

This results in a huge DPS increase on lower levels (up to +100% on lvl 1) and a solid DPS increase of ~+20% on higher levels

Pal Flute and Offense Beast Attack Rates

After revising every offense Beast, their attack animations and the duration of the Pal Flute spell we decided to change the primary and secondary attack speeds. Each attack beast will have at least two secondary attacks (spell activations) during a 6s transformation time that is provided by a non-pearl upgraded level 4 Pal Flute.

Pearl upgrading the Pal Flute spell will also become better. Both the Battlecry and the Duration perk of the spell were increased by one second. This will provide a new maximum transformation time of over 8 seconds which results in an additional spell activation for almost all attack beasts.

Malicious Monk

Rebalanced Malicious Monk Boost in order to not be a self propelling unstoppable wall of death anymore. Reduced the Black Magic morale pool on all levels to a max of 19 morale on level 7.

In return, we increased the HP amount of copied troops to from 30% to 40% on all levels.

If you want to talk about this, you can post comments beneath this topic. :slight_smile:
The Royal Revolt 2 team


I don’t know what to say. :flushed::persevere:

Do the developers want to annoy all the players?:roll_eyes:
These changes are massively game changing.

An update with joyful changes that are fun for everyone would be good :star_struck:
… and the Pal Flute doesn’t make the update any better.

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I don’t see any info about ‘magic yellow dots’ durnig the ride. Will it be changed in new update?

yes i read nothing
… and no changes in the conquest and for the useless or unplayable guardians/pals

Hey guys,
This is an informational topic about planned balancing changes. This has nothing to do with any content updates or bug fixes etc. That information will be posted in the normal version patch notes as always on release.

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Cool. THX a lot Madlen :slight_smile:

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okay you will collect some feedback :smiley:
i will tell it in my alliance … but i know it will not be nice

:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: finally something good… thanks a lot…

:cry::cry::cry: Not good… My prime troop…


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That’s the end of the use of Trusty…


very nice!
15 15 15

Where is war season change??


I don’t write that much, but nowadays top wars are perfectly well balanced.
In skull gears you can do perfect run 3 stars with a bit of concentration and the accurate perk.
1 time wrap and 1 revive from time to time in case of problem while raiding.

So I ask, what 's the point about changing that, reducing trusty is a big shame, it cost a lot to upgrade it and now you will just reduce it…

Your upgrade is only about nerf, you should help us to up our défenses instead of reducing attack power.

Please take this in consideration,

Leaders of top teams


Exactly, trusty level 7 won’t one shot skull towers plus heal towers any longer and since spells like blizzard are limited by range they can’t do the remaining damage to get such a tower down. So do you really expect us to upgrade trusty to level 8 and invest another 50k pearls, while we already come short on pearls due to last so called rebalance of blacksmith boost?

Even if I had the amount of trusties to be able to upgrade the sled to level 8, why would I gamble with an additional 50k pearls and hope to be able to one shot skull and heal towers again? I know a next rebalance, similar to the one planned in upcoming rebalance can make even trusty level 8+ useless/worthless. It’s all about trust(y😉)

Why pro archer percentage is not nerfed? 500%-900% is not overpowered? Do I really see as reason that it’s a beloved boost by many? Of course it is, who wouldn’t love to have a boost that makes them beat defenses that usually are way out of their league? That’s a non argument to keep these percentages that high. Many players also belove sled level 7, since it’s capable of one shot skull plus heal towers, (unless forged to the extreme in case of skull towers), so what difference is there? That one must be secured by pro league (no rebalance) and the other one not (nerf)?

You better could have kept 5 seconds for ascension archer to appear and reduce those extreme percentages. That would feel more like a fair rebalance. But let me guess, then the pro archer boost will be less beloved and lower pro league participation is feared, am I correct?

Im am not trying to be toxic here, I am only very surprised about the argumentation. You could also have done rebalancing by making runes and defensive forges more worthy. When for example a skull tower forged numerous times on health would survive level 7 of trusty, you would stimulate players to invest in forgings and no so called rebalance would be needed.


I’ve got Trusty lvl8 and already sometime I can’t one shot skull tower (due to healtower and/or runes applied and or monk/wolf in waves)… so there is already some existing feature to protect your base against trusty… That nerf , considering the huge changes actually it’s more an execution than a nerf, is a bit of a shame considering the value of pearls nowadays that is needed to upgrade it.
I’m a bit surprised to see such balancing now when we just start to see the effect of runes on the defences.

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Very wise as usual Dena

I’m really getting a bit fed up with the scam wise commercial practice of making something useless so that we invest on something new (bait and switch).
May I suggest to make new thing good instead for us to invest in it…


I know that applying runes can indeed make trusty level 8 not even one shot a skull tower. I didn’t apply additionl health runes to my skull towers yet and some indeed survive trusty level 7, since I forged them a lot.

You are absolutely correct.

Hello ! Still nothing about the uncoming wars renew ? Will it be release before the end of this year ? @Madlen

Best regards

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Yess that’s the spirit FG!!!
That’s the second step in the right direction with the second nerfed overpowered gardian!
The nerf of Big archer is also good.
So far everything looks good.
Long live for the defence !

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I would add that they want to keep trusty in line with donkey, but you cannot compare and put trusty in line with donkey as the pearl value to upgrade it is hugely higher than the value of pet food…

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