Upcoming Changes: Community Requests Preview

Hello, Kings and Queens.

The next RR2 update will include community requested improvements that many of you suggested here on the forums or during our previous Q&A sessions. We’d like to give our players in the forums an exclusive preview ahead of the social media announcement. These are the changes to come:

  • A new Meltdown Button is now available in the hero item information window that lets you skip the journey to the Blacksmith building!
  • Donating All Insta-Troops at once to another player is now possible!
  • Offense Beast Stats are now displayed in a new menu, that unlocks along with the Pal Flute Spell (accessible over the Pal Menu)
  • Switching an Alliance during an ongoing War Season prevents fighting in Wars for 60 hours
  • The Battle Progress Calculation now takes all Towers and Obstacles into account a player can place at his current Castle Gate Level (rather than only the ones that are placed by the path and show up in battle)
  • A Skull Bonus Rework will now additionally consider the difference in fiefdoms (not just the Skulls from lost Wars) when determining an alliance’s Skull Bonus share
  • Converting Pals into Alliance Gold is now possible once an alliance reached the max Level of a Beast

Feel free to let us know what you think and to discuss the changes listed above. We’ll be listening.

—The Royal Revolt 2 Team

Switching an Alliance during an ongoing War Season prevents the earning of War Skulls for 60 hours

But it was before. not?

Before it was only if you had earned any skull in the previous Alliance.

Understand. good then. not bad . but better make more(

Converting Pals into Alliance Gold is now possible once an alliance reached the max Level of a Beast


This is very very bad((((( We dnt need gold. but need ability to get Beast boosts

I answered in blue

Extra questions, Flothaboss mentioned longer range of bladestorm, and some changes for paladins. 

What about those things, when can we expect those? Also in the new update?


Ah, slight mistake on our part. It’s now corrected, please disregard the way it was written before. Apologies! :slight_smile:

@Archimedes What about:

  • Remove skulls from Cof

  • Add a fast way to buy inventory slots, if i want to buy 5 new inventory slots, i have to scroll to the right infinite time and then i have to click to buy the slot, over and over again!

If they remove skulls from cof then why would anyone attack top targets?  Everyone would just grind the easiest targets.


Regarding blacksmith there should be melting options from cof.  Sell, get and melt. 

Also melting multiple items would help alot 

Hey @Dena4

No clear ETA on when those changes will take place however the team has already started looking into it. We have them listed on the Official Watch List thread here.

Plus 1. 

Simple solution add the skulls of the Cof to the top targets themselves 

melt from CoF would be the best way

Walking 9 sections of hero items is similar to scrolling all the inventory in BS, or even worse!

slight improvement :slightly_frowning_face:

Very ■■■■■■ of flare to convert pals into gold. Why on earth a ally which have max beast will ever care about gold.

This is good for the wars that every one wants to win, but for the wars no one cares about, it will give more reason to dump fiefs or no fight at all.

We need some thing done for the War Boost rewards.

every changes are good)) dnt stop with them!


Some of those are very good improvements to the game.

Regarding the melt down button, please place it not only in the hero item information but in the COF and when you’re opening chests as well.

seems these changes are as good as nothing in practice


Thanks for the announcement.  Is there an event this week?