Upcoming changes - Discussion


Here you can discuss about the upcoming changes announced yesterday. :slight_smile:

Want to start off with thanks for the update. Really great to see the devs reaching out to us and informing us about what’s going on.

I hope the prices for the boots will be reduced as they will be less valuable when this update comes. Currently in a full alliance it seems really hard to just keep even a few 24/7 without doing extra donations always. 

I would also like to see a reduction in ambrosia costs and other gem costing functions. As it is now it feels as I must continuously spend gems to be active.  Some heroes are totally horrible due to their powers and you basicly must unlock slots, ambrosia costs so much compared to the gain rate that you must buy more. Buffs can only be on with extra donations. Enemies that appears are somuch higher than you have to use invocation (hopefully this gets sorted out as mentioned in the patch info) 

I’m ascension 60 with 14k dominance FYI 

All in all I’m really looking forward for these updates and staying around to see how this game will develop.

I really hope the update comes soon and that it delivers. I don’t like the fact no time scales have been announced.

I can`t wait for the Spearmen to be buffed, since a single warrior can easily wipe a whole wave of them now.

Trophies system:

Apart from the exploit, I think the main problem of the trophies level is that people care too much about trophies. 

The solution for that would be to give people something else to care about. Bring the wars on, launch events, increase social interactions in alliances…

Divine blessings:

Atm divine blessings are strong but very expensive. Only big spending alliances can afford it and there is no way to self-sustain in the long term. If they’re nerfed, they must either be cheaper or make alliance towers donate more gold to alliance (better solution imho) .

Defending Heroes:

If a attacks history was implemented there would be much less interrogations/complains about those I think.



Please be gentle with the nerfing. Don’t do it RR2-style where when an unit is nerfed it just becomes useless. :grinning:


Thanks for communication and for giving a heads up about those changes. I am sure this is appreciated. Looking forward to it now :grinning:

As long as the amount of gold you can win is related to the amount of trophies you have, everyone has to care about them. You cant proceed if you cant win gold to afford upgrades.

My Heroisles generate about 1.400.000 Gold a day. As lvl 50 (dominance 9000) I am supposed to have about 2400 trophies, that means the reward for a single fight is about 35-45k. So my heroes produce the amount of 30-40 fights without my interaction.

Why should i care about trophies then. If i drop towards zero my opponents get easy, no need for gems and i still can build up my city, and level my heroes at easy peasy opponents.

I get about 3 sometimes 5 new opponents a day. Spawnrate is very low if u dont clear all islands… So,why should my heroes leave those valueable islands? And if they stay, throphies are …

Then you are a lucky one. I think for most of the players the gold IS important. 

But you are saying " without my interaction " - is this what you expect from a game? Sitting there waiting for gold-income and doing nothing besides? And after a few hours or days pressing a random upgrade-button?  Then, the name should really change to " Olympus Farming " or " Olympus Waiting ".

That`s my opinion.

Amount of gold increase like every 500 trophies. The difference of gold you’ll make isn’t really significant compared to the difference of difficulty you’ll be facing.

If gold is what you need, getting easy fights and buy ambrosia with gems is much faster than facing hard blessed opponents and use gems as invocations.

Staying around 2k trophies to focus on upgrading isn’t a bad option at the moment. More fights = more gold = more upgrade…

Olympus boring,

if the spawnrate, ambrosia costs and rewards wont be changed the most efficent way to play is to camp the valued isles and claim them back if they got lost. No need to care about trophies, cause you wont be able to attack lots of players that its worth giving up your farms.

Might be different if you pay for  it.


I buy ambrosia occasionally use invocations when I need to and my gems have been going up last few days working alright for me good to be in a high level clan for the extra ka ching 

No base has been to hard yet apart from detri when I lost twice in a row before the bad update

Thanks to the developers for reaching out to the gamers suggestions and hope you come with the update Asaph. 

Btw Y don’t u introduce battle logs after every attack… It’s pissing off most of the time to c trophy count falling down and not know wat is happening . 

Now that i quit let me explain why this game is fundementally broken and why theres no point in playing until its changed. Right now, especially at higher ascensions, the building times take WAY too long but the gem costs are so extreme they arent worth it. So, lets say i have to wait 4 days for each upgrade, i can easily max my gold and wisdom in about an hour…So whats the point of playing now? Well, most people would say trophies. Right, but trophies give me gold, which i maxed. The other thing trophies give me is ranking… Right but people lose more to me if my rank is lower, thus id get more gems at lower trophie count. Do you see what im getting at? Your system is BACKWARDS. You guys have beaten around the bush with these changes as opposed to recognizing it needs a complete overhaul. Sure, the game is incredibly fun up until high ascension but not only do you not provide end game content but you also provide the exact opposite, end game deterrent. When any of you get to ascension 70+ and you’re waiting a week to build something with absolutely no reason to play you will quit as well. I will not be back to this game but I hope you read this and realize “oh shit hes right” so you can provide a better game to the current playing. Once again I have to believe these devs do not actually play their own game or they would of seen this a while ago. Your system needs a full reworking, not a rebalancing.

Good luck. 

Oh yah one more small mention. The other thing warring gives you is hero exp. The amount of exp needed at lvl 15+ is INSANE. Not a single person above lvl 15 hero leveled through exp, they used gems. This is a really important thing to realize because basically what the devs have done is set up a grinding environment with literally no reason to grind. So you get the repetitive nature of the grind but you don’t get the reward that would normally come with it. 

please don’t update on a friday, because if something is wrong again or not functioning like it should be you can act faster then you guys celebrating weekend! like last times you guys put an update!! enough damage already been done!! thank you!!

I managed to grind! Hercules to level 17 for the extra spell before I faced the hydras. But Hercules is weak so cost a lot of invocations in the fights and grinding him cost lots of ambrosia, especially if the enemy’s popped up on islands on the other side of the map( happened more often then not). 500 ambrosia to get to the fight and 150 ambrosia on resurrections. I put a lot of gems into using Hercules. Haven’t used him since clearing the hydras. Him and Promethus just sit on book islands and never get used for attacking, just feel to weak and slow to use. At least the other heroes I can sprint to the gate after beating the towers and use spindle to summon an army to destroy the gate.

But I suppose you grinded with gems? Not trying to the effort away from you, I am also trying to level some heroes now and it takes fore ever. Level 17 is impressive and must have taken a long time. 

It didn’t take that long really that it seemed. Attccking is fun it’s just a problem of managing ambrosia and book and ambrosia islands with who you want to attack with and where they end up. Hopefully ambrosia or books isles. This is the fun part of the game. It’s just slow to populate new opponents and ambrosia (probably to slow game down and get gem spenders).

I was getting 120k gold a fight. Green chest only cost me 128k at that point and they give the best chance I found to accumulate more ambroisa. So I was never really gemming for ambrosia.

I also avoid taking Hercules into fights that looked tough. But I did get into easy looking fights where I may have spent 12 or 16 gems. I can easily make more gems then that on defence.

My big gem spenders early on were filling my books up, because they where accumulating to slow early on for me. The 3 extra builders. Got the 4th at the discounted price of 1600gems or I wouldn’t have bothered as even 3 builders is a lot to keep going. 

And the hero deals. Extra spell slot and 5 item chest for that person. < This is pretty much the best thing I can think of to spend gems on. The full 6 God like item chest is also really great if your a higher level and/or not moving up fast. Heroes really explode in potential with great items and extra spell.

At the moment I don’t have a problem with ambrosia as I don’t attack much. Once a few islands fill with people the rest populate really slow and so they alway populate slow because there are some opponents not worth attacking without good reason, like its the island you want your hero on or it maybe on the path you’ve set a hero (still usually easily avoided).

I have one other hero at level 16, one at level 14 and 13 and 2 on 15 for reference. I only have 20k dominance.

If the fundamental criterion of player development will be the rapture, then what is the point in time at all the trophies?
And then to get to the top for those who do not buy crystal for real money? In fact, you can reach the 100 level of ascension for 1 hour if put a lot of money.