Upcoming Changes

Hey there,

We are currently working very hard to improve the matchmaking, Trophy system and overall game balance. As many of you are currently having issues with the game and asked what we are doing right now, here is a quick update on what you can expect in the near future:


As most of you noticed there are many low level players among the top ranks of the Hall of Fame. They have found a loophole in our system which we had not thought of when balancing the game. I can assure you now that we know exactly what those players are doing. They will not be able to do this anymore very soon as we have already prepared some fixes. The next server update will already make their lives harder and the next game version will make this exploit impossible.

Trophy System

We are confident that the current formula is working well but we are still tweaking some parameters to make the number of Trophies you can gain or lose when attacking as well as when defending more fair. The difference in Trophies between you and your opponent will be more important than before.

In addition, we are making it easier to gain Trophies for players who have too few for their current Ascension Level while making it harder to maintain Trophies for players who have too many for their current Ascension Level. We are aiming for a final Trophy range of 1000 to 5000. In this case it would be normal for a level 50 player to have about 2500 Trophies. Of course players who play more often as well as very skillfully can gain more than that (and the other way around).

Also, as you noticed beating the monster islands gave too few Trophies. You can expect this to be fixed.

Matchmaking & Ascension Level

The Ascension Level of the opponents which get matched onto your islands will be lower in the future. We agree that it’s not cool to fight exclusively players who are 15 levels above you. There will still be opponents who have a higher level than you (mostly on more valuable islands) but there will also be opponents who are the same level as you and maybe even lower.

Also, if you simply cannot beat someone, a new opponent will be matched onto this island a lot faster than before.

Divine Blessings & Game Difficulty

Many players have developed the habit of simply not attacking opponents whose defenses have Divine Blessings active. Players who regularly use Divine Blessings may have noticed that they don’t get attacked very often. Many times they are only attacked by players who are willing to spend Gems and Ambrosia to overcome those blessed defenses. We decided that the defensive Blessings are too powerful and will make them weaker. Attacking a blessed defense should always be an option for players who are good at the game. Beating such a defense is meant to be hard but possible.

We will also make some offensive Blessings a bit stronger. Prepare your Spearmen, folks. They will be able to counter the blessed Warriors.

In addition, defenses which are not blessed will become slightly harder to beat so it will not be trivial anymore to beat a non-blessed defense.

Eventually the difference in difficulty between a blessed defense and a regular defense will still be very noticeable, but not as binary anymore as it is now.

Defending Heroes

We took your feedback to heart and agree that your Heroes get sent back to Mount Olympus too often. That’s why we decided to change the rules here:

The more Heroes defend your islands the longer it will take for each Hero to be returned to Mount Olympus. For example, if you have multiple Heroes on your islands and it takes 3 successful attacks against you before your first Hero is returned, it will take 4 before the next one is returned, 5 for the one after that and so on. The number of attacks your Heroes can withstand increases with your number of Trophies.

Powers & Invocations

The Scylla Invocation will be nerfed. It is not intended to one-shot every tower. Other Invocations will be buffed as they are currently a bit weak.

The unique Power of some Heroes (especially Odysseus, Helen & Cadmus) will also get slightly rebalanced. Don’t expect too much of a change here though.

Upcoming Game Update

We are also working on a new game version which will include many more gameplay improvements, bug fixes and also some new features you should be looking forward to. Work on this update has not been finished yet so please be patient as we cannot tell you a release date yet.

If you wish to discuss the incoming changes, please head over here.

Please be aware that we are very busy with balancing and testing all these things so we cannot answer to every single thread which you open. However, you may rest assured that we are reading every one of your posts and taking in all the feedback you provide us with.