Upcoming Version - 4.0.3

Greetings Olympians,

This is a heads-up that in the upcoming game version, which we hope to release within the next week, we will be addressing the bug which has allowed Hero Statue stats to go well above their designed caps.

This means that, as of Version 4.0.3, all resistances will be capped at their designed maximum of 45%.

Here is the full list for Hero Statues:

  • All resistances 45%
  • 200% Attack Speed
  • 75% Cooldown Bonus
  • 25% Life on Hit
  • 75% Regeneration
  • 75% Stun/Petrify/Demolition/Frostbite Chance
  • 75% Potency
  • 75% Reflection
  • Area Damage can’t be higher than the Hero’s normal attack damage

Best,- Your Olympus Rising Team

Please note: Due to player feedback and discussion, we will increase the cap on resistances to 75%.