Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

Hello everyone,

This is the first post in what I hope will be a productive discussion about the future of Forging in Olympus Rising. We plan to bring the new Forge system with version 4.1, the development of which is already in progress.

So for now I want to give you all a first insight into what we are planning. Please bring constructive criticism and/or suggestions.

Here are some of the mechanics we will be implementing:

  • Overarching strategy as to whether forging some items is the correct choice
  • Optimisible forging path
  • Item Refining

Here’s a quick rundown of how we intend to accomplish these mechanics.

Overarching strategy as to whether forging some items is the correct choice

5-Star Titan Items will be forgeable. Whether or not this is something you wish to do will depend on your overall strategy, due to Item Refining which is explained further below.

Optimisible forging path

Much like with the old system, forging using the correct items will give your item a boost in power. This will no longer depend on the “hidden item level”, but rather on the number of stars this item has, meaning old items are just as useful as new ones when it comes to boosting via the Forge.

Refining an item will give it a boost in power, using the correct items to forge it will give it a small boost in power; optimise your forging path and you will be able to create items far superior to those found in chests. Players which maximise their forging path will get more out of the system than those who do not put the effort in.

Item Refining

Once you have created a 5-Star Titan Item, you will be able to Refine the item. Refining an item will return it to an Epic, 1-Star Item which is is stronger than a normal Epic, 1-Star Item (meaning higher overall stats).

In addition, Refining an item will give the item an additional Perk, depending on the item you used to Refine it. This will mean the item has 1 main stat, and 2 Perks (3 stats in total). If it is a trinket, it will have 3 Perks. However, these Perks will be reduced in strength, so that the overall strength of the combined Perks remains the same:

Woohoo, 3 Perks as I suggested! My dream has come true. ? Very promising and fun. Thank you!

Also, will it be easy to manage/sort the items? I have around 550 items and it’s tedious.

Thank u captain morgan its look like we will have something to carry on playing game otherwise all the game is ruined ???

We will try to optimise the sorting again - this should be made easier by the fact that the number of stars on an item is the important factor (we will consider sorting by stars when choosing an item to dismantle for example). Suggestions on an ideal sort order are welcome.

Further improvements to filtering and/or changing the sort order would be something for a later update.

Thank you for listening.

Overarching means trial and error/gambling?

Perks won’t mean anything when u cap all the resistance. I think it’s time to find a new game. Flare games have ruined this for me


i would like to know how many refining cycles are possible for each item please ?

or when i try to refine an item would be great if i am given the choice to just replace the perk or go with 2 perks. 

or when i am refining a 5 star titan with already 2 perks am i allowed to chose which perk to replace or keep? or even go back to a single perk with 100% strength instead? 

if it’d be possible to have these options it creates more possibilities, thx ?

This just means that you will need to take into account what you want your final build to be. Refining will give you a an extra Perk, but each of those Perks will be weaker. Is it better to keep the item without Refining for now, so that you have one strong Perk, or do you want to combine multiple items with weaker Perks? You need an overarching/overall strategy as to what you want to improve.

Good suggestions. At the moment we only plan to allow up to 2 cycles. We will discuss your other suggestions and the amount of additional work involved if we think they should get in.

Sorry to be a bummer, but 

  1. what is the schedule for this release and what will be done to improve forging in the meantime. It’s currently unacceptable and it needs immediate improvement. If it had a “bug” before, it has a bigger “bug” now.

feel free to give us the worst case scenario rather than over promising and under delivering

  1. how can you eliminate “bugs” from this new version?  What mechanism will be put in place to help prevent this new forge system from being gutted 6-9 months after release, and this whole process started over again?

this is a trick question. The answer is “hire a community manager”

And yes i am happy about the idea of forging further 5 star outdated/weak titan items… 


I particulary like that this, using just stars and not level any longer, it allows reuse of equipment that gets outdated by leveling ascension. 

it also give more meaning to titan chests, even at high levels. 

I am puzzled about the forging path, how it will work.


Ciao Artemus 

Please add since you are in this module,  during the pick item to destroy/consume,please flash items recently grabbed like you do in inventory. 


Ideally or alternatively,  a user set flag per item.   (to flag items to forge, items to consume, or whatever user uses it for… )  favorites list even.


I need to think about this more for direct feedback on your question… 

Me too I’m curious about the forging path.

@CaptainMorgan any chance you can give us a sneak peek, even though it’s still in progress and rough?


I liked this new version but please can you make Unique items also powerful.

I am only speaking for myself.

Right now I have 11 unique items and half of them are trash as compared to a good  forged item.

I will like to eloborate this by an example.

I have Helen of Troy’s Gemini but even forged at max it gives only 16% cooldown bonus while A five star titan ring or cap provides me around 18 or sometimes 19%.

Not to mention it eats up one slot for resistance ? too.

Promethues’s tormamt, Talaria or even apple of discord doesn’t feel like premium items.

I am very happy that you brought a version 3.9 which now have increased everyone’s chance of finding unique items.

I know forging a unique item requires chuck load of gold and time.

So I am only saying they should feel like some kind of end game item far better than an ordinary titan item.

Again it is my concern,I hope you look into this.


Mi permetto alcuni suggerimenti:

Immagino che prima o poi aumenterete di un livello ogni torre, ogni barricata e ogni truppa e ogni ondata. Immagino che studierete nuove torri e nuove truppe. Come è successo in Royal  Revolt 2. Prendete in considerazione questi:

La “Torre di Archimede” che riflette, con i suoi specchi ustori, i raggi della torre del sole su uno specifico punto del percorso bruciando le truppe avversarie.

Il mitico Cavallo di Troia da cui escono 20 guerrieri soltanto quando arriva davanti al portone! Inattaccabile e antidoto contro la statua potente dell’avversario.

Avete pescato dalla mitologia greca, dalla fantasia di molti scrittori tra i quali uno dei miei preferiti come R.E. Howard (con le isole Cimmeria, Hiperborea) e tanti altri; perchè non prendere qualcosa anche dalla mitologia romana? Un nuovo eroe non potrebbe essere Enea? O Romolo col lupo? Annibale e i suoi elefanti da Cartagine? E un’avventura con le navi romane che approdano sulla nostra isola? So che comunque non vi mancano le idee ?

Allego un disegnino


Allow me some suggestions: I imagine that sooner or later you will increase each tower, every barricade and every troop and every wave. I imagine you will study new towers and new troops. How it happened in Royal Revolt 2. Take these into consideration: The "Tower of Archimedes" which reflects, with its mirrors, the rays of the tower of the sun on a specific point of the route burning the enemy troops. The mythical Trojan Horse from which only 20 warriors come out when he arrives in front of the door! Unassailable and antidote against the powerful statue of the adversary. You have fished from Greek mythology, from the imagination of many writers among which one of my favorites as R.E. Howard (with the Cimmeria islands, Hiperborea) and many others; why not take something from Roman mythology? A new hero could not be Aeneas? Or Romulus with the wolf? Hannibal and his elephants from Carthage? And an adventure with the Roman ships that land on our island? I know that you do not lack ideas anyway ;-)


I attach a little drawing

P1000180.JPG (0 Bytes)

Yes, we are currently working on how to handle Unique Items in the new system. We will share it with you then.

This is only a figurative “path” which you can take to optimise the output of the Forge. It just means the series of choices you make to arrive at the best possible item for your loadout.

As soon as we have more concrete info I will share something with you.