Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

The old forging system was a great way to balance. They just didn’t tell anyone how to use it. They didn’t know.

well, we told them but they get stubbon and shut down sometimes, even when the game would be much better if they listened.

Phil buddy trust me, nobody wants to increase ascenion level forever only to see there euipments losing thier effectiveness with every ascenion gain.


I kinda agree with dumpster okd firging system allowed low level players (new accounts) to fight on equal terms with old account(High kevel players)

But its all gone now ?

The truth is game should have hard cap on ascenion level.

i wanted to say this for a very long time and now I think is a good time as developers plan to add new levels to the game 

see I love new content and yes developers should bring it every six months but why every new level increases ascenion level???

Nowdays,I don’t advice peopke to play OR anymore as it is really time consuming at lower level 

to make a strong acconut you have to play atleast two hours a day.

Yeah no easy way about it but true.


The only reason why I say add another load of lvls is to get rid of the gear that the devs decided should stay, giving those players who made the super forges an uneven way to compete. If we ever want to challenge the top of the leader board it wont be while these items exist, and we don’t have them. It will be when nobody has them and we are all equal.

The new forge system would probably work fine without normalization on refinement. Power is capped per level because there is only the weak, uniform boost you get from 4* forging at best. So it won’t get out of control if that was their concern. And then if you want to spend an astronomical amount of resources to refine, you basically add extra perks to an item.

Unlike the old forging system, that item now completely degrades on level up. You can’t possibly stretch it out over more than a couple of levels. That sucks, honestly, because it’s so expensive. But if that’s what they were shooting for, mission accomplished. 

This current system is for the birds though.

I am not worried about Ascenion level gain but why further widen the game between new accounts and old,Phil?(I mean what will happen to new acconuts that have started OR recently can they hope to catch to old acounts thst are pkaying OR fir two or more years?)

They can always bring new content and features but should put a hard cap on Ascenion level.

I mean they can simply add new content to the game,new game modes like odyseey,new heroes,new monster isles,new spells,rework Ajax all spells,Make some changes to Prometheus spell (serioulsy why so many handicaps to him,I mean he has no shield,not many stats bonus as other heroes,his spell is cool but why can’t it hit nyx tower in corner!!!)

I don’t know developers always had more thing to tune but instead they picked up things that were working just fine.

So I’m going to summarise GOLD AND GOLD to UNIQUE FORGING, having experimented the past couple of weeks, and not wanting to jump to conclusions about the process until I had a few results.  The SILVER process is slightly different, but I suspect many cycles will be needed for it to be worth it. 

The images below will help to understand what’s going on.  The unique used was forged at current lvl, so there’s no ambiguity. 

GOLD FORGE process costs a lot, and the resulting item will diminish with time(probably usable after 2-3 ascension jumps). Cost post update around 50 million gold + 500k wisdom. That results in the item you see being dismantled in the first image. 

GOLD to UNIQUE. So you dismantle the very expensive item you made above, and get to ‘supercharge’ a unique item for a set ‘useable’ time, probably 7-8 ascension lvls, before a standard forge would then be better.  Now the interesting part comes about as you lvl up and you may think you get to keep those good stats, when in reality you don’t. Any subsequent standard forge with BRONZE 5* titan item will re-align the perks to standard lvl.    The 3rd image shows this, I’m obviously not going to do this, but in time this is my ‘permanent’ result, I get to keep a decent base stat , but I cut the perk substantially.  So very few uniques should be considered for this process. (maybe odyseus bow- if you want extra morale and don’t care for potency - for example.   Also look at the additional cost for any future forges of this item.

I’m going to give you an analogy of this above process:

You’re a modern day lumberjack who owns a brand name chainsaw(your unique item), one day you go to a pawn shop and trade your chainsaw on a 1 year time-share for 2 power drills(new perk), and a hedge trimmer(old perk)-  (combined wattage greater than your chainsaw) all of Chinese manufacturing so during this one year period the tools will lose power (sorry China, but your goods suck - I digress…)  The shop owner (Flare) charges you 20 thousand dollars for this privilege, and can’t guarantee that your original chainsaw will still be here in 1 year. After a year you go back to exchange your gear, but notice your chainsaw has been dropped on the floor and it’s rusty as hell. 

@CaptainMorgan I really believe that any subsequent standard forges (with BRONZE 5*titan)  SHOULD at least carry over the investment to subsequent lvls, but any future gold forges SHOULD merely result in a change of perks and not the further alteration of base stat. NOT this here.

To re-energise this item I’ll need exact perks!! REALLY there’s a higher probability of landing a 747 on an aircraft carrier. How common are most perks. I’ve only see morale twice as a perk in 10 months of playing. So I would recommend a higher drop rate of these rare perks, after all they are the fuel for this process.

I cannot recommend these processes to anyone in fairness to what I’ve seen, not for the investment vs return.


This isn’t the answer. They rushed this update out and it wasn’t thoughtful. The forging system needs to be redesigned, not drop rates. They shouldn’t have messed with the old forge system. 

They said they won’t change it back to the way it was working out but only improving the new one, hopefully cursed items could have a different boost while forging, that multiplier thing must be a bit higher vs the normal items.

They need someone on staff who plays the game. They both seem to have stopped. 

If they are going to improve forging it better happen soon. People are wasting money in the meantime. 

@Philstar Leaving aside the fact that instead of an improvement you get a worsening, I wonder with such absurd demands of wisdom you, and all the other players who still have to bring the defenses, the units and the powers at most will never have the possibility, is incredible how the genius @CaptainMorgan & co continue to sleep ignoring this problem, I think it is the case that they wake up, return to the real world and stop making these disgusting discriminatory against players who are still not at most lvl

P.S. players like me, @dumpster and others that we have all the maximum (I have to improve only a couple of powers of ajax and 3 towers that I do not use) are not affected by these costs, but it sucks to continue to penalize and prevent growing to new players is one disgust 


It honestly doesn’t matter. You’d have to be insane to want to craft one of these items as they are right now.

Specifically I’m talking about a unique or a cursed item with a perk thats very useful for a specific hero.

If you want to add a weak perk to some normal boots or whatever, fine. knock yourself out. It’s too expensive by far, but you’re not ruining a good item.

exactly, as I said, you spend a lot of resources and instead of having an improvement there is a worsening … we have to give an alarm to developers, so they stop sleeping and we must also explain that the discrimination is disgusting, in fact if they fix the improvement of the forged objects by removing the disgusting that is now I wonder how a lvl 100 player does to get to lvl 130 with these absurd costs

Hi Developers,

it would be nice, if there would be a ability to forge an unique item with another instead of a 5 star titan. for examplke I have some double uniques an I tried to curse them but then I got another double. I don’t wanna sell them but it would be nice to forge another unique with one double!.I don*t wanna refine them!


Don’t ask for such features as developers have the tendency of disappointing users.

Forge nerfs, Athena morale bar reduction, refinement process,failed to tackle the problem of duplicte unique items, not to mention lower perk values on unique items,refinement costs are insane,even after reduction(better solution would be remove it completely from the game).Game is lot better wirhout refinement scandal.(Perks are values are just damn to low for the investment made in one item refinement process, outcome is scary beyond believes.)

@CaptainMorgan please remove this refinement process,I won’t allow any other player to fall victim to it.Yeah I am serious about it. Just remove it please ???

Also I fail to mention this if perks values are low.Why developers never thought ascenion level penealty feature where a player when gains a level see sharp decline in overall stats plus now players are required to achieve more numbers to maintain same percentages.This is wrong they should advertise false information everywhere,that. With version 4.2.0 players can forge powerful items. 

I have gained two levels since i refibed an item and turned it into a five star silver Titan item.

Its values are damn too low for my level even though forged that item with four star items plus used the high value perk item for refinement.

Costs are only increasing even after adding that thing back to an unique item.

I consider version 4.2.0.the worst patch update in OR.

the game is working exactly as it was designed, the old players have kept the ultra-powered buggy items, we instead have the trash and with the refinement they give us the illusion (after having made us spend tons of resources) to have good items. It’s all a cheat because we can never be competitive with the elites who have always received gifts from the developers. Even the league of the titans is a gift to the elite in fact even if you improve the alliance and spend a lot of money you can never be competitive with these old players who have items that are unimaginable for us, also thanks to these items make all the odyssey to lvl 10 and they get infinite advantages. The mirage for alliances with “normal” players who are promoted in the league of titans is only to spend money unnecessarily, in fact for the reasons I told you can not compete with the elite, ask @Hellslord if I’m right. When your alliance will be promoted in the league of the titans I advise you not to spend money because that money will only be used to make free play the elite, better play in a lower league and not give money to those who has made fun of us and continues to do so

remember that there are only two categories of players for flaregames: the cows to be milked (us) and the lords (elite)

Oh dear, it’s not them and us. There are many many "old"players with normal kit. Besides, why is it such an issue? Once they introduce new ascension levels all the old decent kit will become normal.

I have a baby account and it’s much much more fun than my main old account, enjoy the ride gaining levels, don’t stress about the top teams and players. It’s really not that amazing fighting in the top 5, tough defences, strict orders for war, just for a few blessings that your need anyway to be competitive at the top.

I would like to believe you and I will believe you if and when flaregames will make updates that will not be yet another gift to the elite, for the new lvl it will take at least 6 months or 1 year and in this meantime the elite will still get huge benefits with the odyssees lvl 10. For now remains the league of titans with gems and seper-blessings for the elite (for other players the league of titans will only be an opportunity to buy gems to the elite) and the buggy objects that the elite have preserved. … so at the moment there is a “us and them”

I add that there is no stress, it just tries to warn normal players not to get mocked and not go to work to pay the gems and the game to the elite

I sent you an invite this morning. Come join the elite!