Upcoming Version 5.3.0 - A Previewed Change to Invocations

Gotcha now! Sounds interesting actually.

There seems to be no “hard limitation” for low level users at least. But from our discussion, I am actually fond of the idea for higher levels to have less invos to work with…
Would be interesting to see that “we” are only allowed 3 for example? I am worried that I have to run to the shrine to make more… kinda too much micro management? You also make last 30 minutes of war on islands, harder to do (alliances raid a lot of fury to “surprise” and steal the island last minutes). So I am wondering if there is an arsenal of invos and a usable pool. So say 100 is the arsenal, and 15 is the pool for your example… if you get my point.

On other stuff (semi-related):
I’d also love modes in this game. Like a limited time for a “special prize”. Say a titan chest. Do 30 raids without Bia, or pheme… or invos, or beat GK’s without invos and so on… would give some meaning in the game, unfortunately prize wise, I would only be interested in titan items, but maybe other players would appreciate more stuff.


Could be interesting ideas!


i find them only once in a month in the first (maybe second) chest of the monthly cycle.

so there is another incentive then to level up?

sometimes during war when islands are closing and players saved fury for the epic final… lets say the last 30mins can be stressful - with this change we maybe will have to take a break, go to the shrine, make used invos with gems and then return to the war map and continue the closing island fights? maybe some extra stress, but it depends on the pool size too.

ok - i should read all posts, before asking >_<.

edit (cannot post more than 3 in a row):

i like such quests. but maybe to avoid exploits: what about if we get a titan chest if we manage to play a 12+3 odyssey adventure (5 islands with proposed hero), 100%, without invos and maybe also with X seconds left each. maybe an incentive to forge also other heroes then the war heroes or forge in a better way.

but something that has to be a challange. doing 30 raids without pheme is too easy. and it has also to be kind of limited, some players can do 100 or more fights a day. with oddy it would be equal for everyone. or maybe just one quest in a week - if we make it in that given time ok, if not. next quest and invested effort is gone.

i agree that i also would only be interested in a titan chest (or a titan item) for that. maybe also an titan item for the used hero?


I confess some confusion about this. Invocations will still cost the same amount of gems and will be crafted instantly.

So in effect no change apart from a bit of mucking around to build the pool? How does this really impact in game play much? Please explain?

I like the idea of earning invocations outside of using gems but the rest of the proposal sounds like it is just mucking around for no benefit to anyone?

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Is it possible to change the red color used to identify our own troops during war fights ?
It can be a bit confusing at times, thanks!

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In part these two sentences explain the reasoning behind it. We have the pool so that we are able to gift players free uses. As mentioned previously, this is also part of a larger change which we are working towards, and includes the idea of gaining Invocations through other methods, which are added to your pool.

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A bit off topic, but here is an exclusive, behind-the-scenes insight into our planned changes for upcoming versions, via a screenshot direct from our planning board:



@CaptainMorgan I find these items in Daily gameplay chests… Minimum one a week, I get.


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