Upcoming Versions - A Preview and Heads-Up

Greetings Mortals,

Version 5.4.0 should be arriving with you (if the gods favour us) in around 2 weeks.

As promised, here is a brief preview of some of the features which will be arriving in version 5.4.0 and beyond. Also included below is some important heads-up information which you will want to be aware of before 5.4.0 drops.

In 5.4.0 we will be bringing the next part of the changes to the core game which began in 5.2.0. This will include a system to Ascend your Heroes, giving you the opportunity to increase their power, as well as an alternative method of levelling them up without grinding for XP.

  • If the Heroes are granted Favor from the gods, they can be ascended, increasing their abilities, and allowing you to level them up 20 more levels.
  • Favor can also be spent to level them up, instead of fighting battles to gain XP.
  • Favor is granted by the Oracle of Delphi, in exchange for Crystals.
  • Crystals can be found in several ways, including performing well in Wars or the Odyssey. In the version after 5.4.0 you may also have the opportunity to win them as rewards from Islands.

Also in 5.4.0 we will be introducing the War Defense system.

  • There will be an additional slot for your defense, which cannot be modified and will always be used during Wars.
  • This also applies to the Hero Statue.
  • During War Preparation you can copy one of your defense slots into the War Slot. If you don’t do this it will just use the same defense as the previous War.
  • Defenses in the War Slot can still be levelled up, and blessings can still be activated.
  • You will still be able to view Heat Maps and Attack History for the War Slot in the normal way.

We will also be reactivating the Fury Bonus for Alliances which lose a lot of islands in Wars.

We will tweak the matchmaking to reduce the difference in levels of opponents when you reach the higher levels in the game.

There are other changes coming in 5.4.0, but the final one we would like to share with you for now is that we will be making it possible for the Hero Statue [edit: Artemis and Ajax] to use multiple Powers, instead of just one.

  • All Heroes can use their unique Powers.
  • All Heroes which can equip Powers will be able to use the Power in their first equippable slot.
  • In addition, Artemis will be able to summon more than one Stag to aid her in protecting the Gate.

Finally, a sneak preview into the future of the version coming after 5.4.0 (tentatively set for late March/Early April):

  • We will finally implement the changes to the Island Map, allowing you to defend territory, and rewarding large territories, rather than only relying solely on Hero placement for resources (it will still be worth it to place them carefully).
  • We will bring special rewards for winning battles on the Island Map, including Crystals, Invocations, etc.
  • Some of these islands will appear in new positions on your Island Map, and have particularly difficult defenses, which will yield great rewards.
  • We will implement the features needed to allow us to begin having more regular in-game special events.
  • We will make it possible to have multiple shop offers active at the same time, so that you no longer need to worry about one bundle blocking another one.

We are looking forward to your feedback and criticisms below, and I will share more information as it becomes available.

- Captain Morgan


@CaptainMorgan First of all, thank you for the post. It’s always exciting to read about future changes. Looking forward to seeing them first hand in a couple weeks.

One thing that is notably absent is any change/tweak to defences. I see that level difference at higher levels will be reduced for matchmaking. I think it would be a good opportunity to also buff defences. As has been discussed in other places here on the forum, at the higher levels, defences are far too easy. My only hesitation in the past to buffing defences was the level difference in matchmaking. If that is reduced then it would be good to add more levels to towers/barricades, or add some brand new towers or the added perks, etc.

Thanks again.


Hellow @CaptainMorgan here are my doubts on this topic.

    • If the Heroes are granted Favor from the gods, they can be ascended, increasing their abilities, and allowing you to level them up 20 more levels.

Does it means now heroes will have 40 lvls ?
If yes then will it affect fury regeneration time in wars ?

  1. We will also be reactivating the Fury Bonus for Alliances which lose a lot of islands in Wars.

What are the criteria for this this rule , i mean after loosing how many islands that alliance will get extra furies and how much?

  1. we will be making it possible for the Hero Statue to use multiple Powers, instead of just one.

Can persus statue use pheme power ?
And ajex and artemis would also be allowed to use other powers except their own when they are GK.

Is it compulsory to use multiple powers on heroes after update or there will be option to use only 1 power which we want ?


I think that the first 10 heroes can use Pheme power as GK. Just need to equip Pheme at 2nd slot, which is the 1st equippable slot. At least it’s how I understood the text.

But that makes me wonder how it would work with Ajax and Artemis … Does it mean that Ajax will have to use Whirwind as 2nd power?


All these changes are really looking great and I am now more excited than before.
I just hope all these changes are implemented without any game breaking bugs that we experienced with previous last four versions.

Also on a side note can you please give priority to duplicate unique items?Almost all old timers now have lots of extra unique items and no means do to anything useful with them.


Ya duplicate uniques are big problem, they take place of a titan 1*/5* item, which is more important than a unique item. I have 50+ duplicate uniques and still waiting for FG response on this.


Nice… very nice :ok_hand:

This sounds like a very fun thing, and can give some spice for the old timers. But please make it equal for all heroes. I would hate to see Ajax taking 3x EXP compare to Heracles to take a level.


@CaptainMorgan aaaaah finally… something that looks promising…
My question is if other powers can be equipped on to a 2nd slot, would that be affected by CD? Whats the use if GK can cast only one pheme, normally without CD, it ll take ages to re-generate? If CD given to GK, would it affect the outcome?

2nd question, leveling up Heroes with Favor from the Gods (bought in exchange for crystals), this is similar to Pay to Win… In recent updates, more more more usage of gems has been focused on mainly by FG. Why can’t focus be put on something else as a factor for development quickly? Why can’t you give new players from level 1, a quick level 100 bonus for $50 package like in WOW… Pls make more players join the game?
We all love this wonderful game and would like to continue loving it…

3rd question: Can we expect the 3rd brother in this update? It has long been rumored… Thank you.


Excited as hell!

I have done some testing before and it seems that CD doesnt work normally on the GK. Is that going to be changed? Because otherwise the 2nd power will take so long it wont matter much


Mentioning a few ongoing asks just because:

  1. Please consider some additional incentive for large gem purchases for those that are maxed out on dominance.
  2. Please allow the in-battle invocations buttons to act the way they used to (deducting gems to invoke) when the prepaid invocations are used up.
  3. Please troubleshoot the alliance message notifications, as right now that area shows at least one notification every time a user logs in, even if there are no new messages. (This has actually gotten worse with the last update, forcing some users to open and close the messages twice to clear the notification.)

New suggestion: Please consider some sort of loyalty rewards tiers for regular spenders. It is a common practice for businesses to provide reward incentives for their returning customers. I suggest bronze, silver, gold, and platinum tiers based on the last six or twelve months’ gem purchases where bonus gems are included with each purchase (maybe 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%). Users remain at the tier they qualified for on a revolving 12-month basis.

New suggestion: Please consider a button in the Hero Temple or Heroes Screen that lists locked gear. The ability to lock gear is handy, but right now users are forced to go back through hundreds and hundreds of items to check for locked items. This causes inventory to be clogged with old gear. I suggest a screen similar to the cursed items screen where locked gear is shown per hero and shaded depending on whether it is equipped.


Are you sure? Put 75% CD on Perseus and attack him with Cadmus, you will see a festival of Medusa Gaze!


You need to explain the fury regeneration changes in war + the effect of having a level 40 hero in war , I mean that would be 1 fury every 2 hours + if you are losing that is reduced to 1 hour ?? Do we get more saving slots for fury as well if we are losing ?
We need details about that cuz it changes lots of pre war preparations and strategy

I actually just tried it out and seems to be working fine… i remember testing that over half a year ago with 50% CD and it seemed like 20% from my calcs. Thats good then

Also why not Change the 85% rule , if you want to help the loser then you can change it to 50% rule , anyone can defend 2 sides with that

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Or maybe 66% 2/3 would be nice already.

Can you look into maybe GKs using spells without a delay for casting aswell? Because atm most attackers have at least 60% stun and whenever a GK uses his spell he loses 1 attack for doing so. If we have 2 spells with the same animation time and maybe 50%+ CD, he will basically just be getting stunned while trying to use spells and wont even hit anymore. I think thats very important to consider!!! @CaptainMorgan

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I agree , I am just trying to understand , cuz in 4 guild war we may see bonus 5 torches at this rate , guys losing will be raining fury lol