Update 1.8.5 - Patchnotes

Hey everyone,


the following changes have been implemented with update 1.8.5:





  • With the implementation of our new  V** oucher System, **several quest rewards have been changed from Gems to Vouchers.




  • Fixed an issue with missing building/wave/spell/troop levels directly after having upgraded them
  • Fixed an issue with broken unit icons on Android
  • Fixed an issue with battles not starting directly after buying food in Alliance Wars
  • Fixed the “rangebug”
    • Issue was caused by spells only affecting a limited amount of “units” while projectiles were counted as “units”. Spells sometimes did not deal damage to intended targets if they reached the unit-limit with too many projectiles in their area of effect.
    • Projectiles (such as the Arblaster’s shot) now no longer count as “units” and are no longer targeted by spells and scrolls.
    • Target-limit for spells and scrolls has been doubled from 32 to now 64.



  • Added two more Color Sets for Hero-Items
  • Added amount of fiefdoms to the Alliance Leaderboard
  • Ranks are displayed in colours in Alliance members list
  • Improvements to performance and stability on low-memory Windows Phone devices


For further details on our new  Social FeaturesV** oucher System War Champions , and  Shields,** head to our announcement post here.






so we lose more gems from quests since vouchers are barely worth shit? changed king of the world to vouchers at gold its worth 500 voucher… was 250 gems. now 150 “vouchers” for 50 gems…WTF

I have lost my motivation to play after I found that gems reward have been converted to vouchers.

Royal Revolt this is disgusting ! You convert gems into vouchers ??? I hate this ! You did this before too and you said that it won’t happen again but you did it again . You will get the same response like before ! And this time we don’t need compensation like before . just give us our gems back . that’s the only thing that helped us to max our alliance tower and get packages !!! You are going to get same anger from players again ! I really HATE this ! You did it every time when updating game !!! If you really listen us then revert the changes you made in gems Quest ! GIVE US OUR GEMS BACK !!! Don’t need that Vouchers !!! I loved this update but you ruined it !! This is clearly a torture on free players :’( :slightly_frowning_face:

I have more than 19 quests of gems changed in vouchers… Lost more than 3000 gems …

What about quest for lvl80 king (1000 gems)? Is it changed to vouchers? I am in few steps to getting it…(

Lv 80 And 240 are still the same

ok. now im really mad, but ofcorse you dont care about us or me in this case… f…k, now give me a break you really screwed this time…


pedazos de porqueria es acaso muy dificil dejar las cosas como estaban. and then what is gonna happen. 

It’s a 66% gem nerf on those that became vouchers for the most part if the value stayed the same and the just converted them to vouchers



Now another round of stolen rewards? Seriously?! Wow, that’s laughable… not to mention the already… “strange” “balance” of quest rewards before… but this is definitely horrible… 


So, you could hit projectiles with your spells before? Interesting… And good to know the limit of targets now…

Anyway, just asking, do the arbs still fire like they did after the “temp fix” before, or back to regular rate of fire now?


And thx for finally releasing a fix for that bug… 

I Cant Open Dungeon After This Updates!!!

What’s happening? its getting worst…

There are so many non paying players like me are playing this game ,whose only hope to upgrade AT is those gems receive from dungeon quest and from gift section.but what you had done.you first decreased them and now you converted them.it is so frustrating to see that none of your step is for the players,it shows your greedy mentality.

Seriously you suck big time:/

If the friend adding is a daily thing you can actually earn 50gems a day for free by just adding someones code which would be a lot nicer than they have ever done before! Time will tell if that friend add 150 vouchers comes back soon or not. It may have been a one time thing? We just don’t know yet.

It is invitation code. How can it be daily?


You are already invited.  You’re already in the game!


Can I ask why there is still a target-limit which in my own experience it’s still achievable? At high level raids, there could be more than 64 troops on screen at certain points.


Why not increase the value to 128 instead so the chance of misfiring is eliminated once and for all?

Wait, is there something missing here? It might me just me, but healing arblasters dont seem to negate any damage over time when they die anymore, so you can now just use bladestorm on a group of boosted arblasters.

If they just wanted to be friendly, then they wouldn’t have reduced achievement rewards again :wink:


Plus I don’t think you can earn 50 gems a day in the long run. One invite per day and a limited number of friends = limited, unless I’m mistaken? Also there’s a limit on those vouchers that any friend can get you… anyway, the thing with “vouchers for friends’ level-ups” is punishing high lvl kings’ friends, as they barely gain lvls anymore, nor achievements, while low-lvl kings can get both of that very quickly… so basically, friending your actual (high lvl) friends is not effective, way more effective it would be to friend very low lvl kings that can progress quickly, right? So basically you have to decide whether you want actual friends or rewards… 

Why are you so naive ???


It is not the code for your pleasure. It is INVITATION to the game!

On the contrary it was a mistake of developers.Whoever plays a year can not be invited to the game!