Update 1.8.5 - Social Features, War Champions, and Shields

Hey everyone,


In Royal Revolt 2 version 1.8.5, we’ve focused on two major areas: Social Features and War Champions and Shields.


The new social features not only let you connect with your friends, but earn rewards as they advance through the game.


War Champions and Shields adds a new layer of strategy to every war. Leaders and Generals can now protect weaker members and ensure that the most active players maximize their ability to earn skulls. Using this feature effectively could be the difference between victory and defeat!


So how does all this work? Read on!



Friends, Shares and Vouchers


Invite friends and earn rewards


Invite your friends  to play Royal Revolt 2 with you and  earn rewards  as they grow stronger.


To invite a friend, use the “invite friends” button you can find in the new friends list, in your Alliance member list or in the voucher bazaar. Choose a picture and hit the share-button to send the invite to your friend – you can send it via email, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The message your friend receives always comes with a link to download Royal Revolt 2 and a  friend code. After your friend has downloaded the game and has played through the tutorial, he can enter this friend code. From that moment on, you are automatically  connected as friends.



As soon as your friend and you are connected,  both of you will earn vouchers. You will receive vouchers when your friend reaches a new hero level. Your friend will get vouchers when you reach a new hero-level. The vouchers are automatically rewarded to you.


There will be also some quests that give vouchers. Collect vouchers and  trade them for great rewards  in the voucher bazaar.




Share achievements


When you’ve reached a new level, fought an epic battle, won a tournament, completed a dungeon level or equipped a new item, you can now  share  those  achievements with your friends.


Just tap the  share-button  and send a message to your friends to show them your latest success. The great thing: Each share you do is also a friend invite as it also includes a friend code.



The voucher bazaar


The voucher bazaar is where you  trade your vouchers  into rewards. Here you can get gold shields, gems, hero items, gold and other things in exchange for your vouchers. If you need more vouchers, encourage your friends become stronger Kings or invite more friends to play Royal Revolt 2.




The friends list


You can not only invite new players to the game, but also  become friends with other Kings  that already play Royal Revolt 2. Just visit their  player profile  and send them a friend request. 



All of your friends and unanswered friend requests are shown in the friends list.



With all of your friends you can start a  chat. This chat is only between the two of you. You also find updates of your friend’s status here, for example when they reached a new hero level or joined an alliance.



Players that have a voucher icon next to their name are connected to you by a friend code – either they entered your friend code or you entered their friend code.  Only those players can earn vouchers for you.


You can also  test your friends’ defense  and give him advice like you can do it for members of your alliance.


You can have up to 30 friends in total, 15 that earn vouchers for you and 15 that don’t earn vouchers for you.



Unfriend friends


If you don’t want to be friends with another player anymore, you can visit his player profile and tap “unfriend”. Then he will not appear in your friend list anymore.


You can also unfriend friends that earn vouchers for you, but be careful: if you unfriended them once, they can never again earn vouchers for you, even if you later decide to become friends again.



War Champions and War Shields


The War Champions and War Shields adds a new tactical layer to Alliance Wars.




War Shields


For each Alliance War the Leader and Generals can  grant Shields  to members of their alliance. This helps alliances to  protect Kings with weaker defenses.


A shield will  reduce the amount of skulls that this player can lose  per battle within one war by a certain percentage. Shields work from the moment they are activated, so make sure to activate them as soon as a war starts to have the best benefit.


The amount of shields you can grant increases with your alliance level. You can grant up to five shields:


·         From Alliance level 10: 1 shield

·         From Alliance level 17: 2 shields

·         From Alliance level 24: 3 shields

·         From Alliance level 31: 4 shields

·         From Alliance level 38: 5 shields


Activating shields costs  alliance gold.


The price of shields increases with the number of shields you activate per war. But the more shields you activate, the stronger the shield gets for all of your shielded players within this war.




War Champions


Alliance Leaders and Generals can also name  War Champions  for each Alliance War. This allows the strongest Kings of an Alliance to support their team even more and  collect more skulls.


A champion will  earn an additional percentage of skulls  per battle within one war. This bonus works from the moment the champion was assigned, so make sure to assign the champion as soon as war starts.


The amount of champions you can assign increases with your alliance level. You can assign up to five champions.


·         From Alliance level 5: 1 champion

·         From Alliance level 12: 2 champions

·         From Alliance level 19: 3 champions

·         From Alliance level 26: 4 champions

·         From Alliance level 33: 5 champions


Assigning champions costs  alliance gold.


The price of champions increases with the number of champions you activate per war. But the more champions you activate, the higher the bonus skulls get for all your champions within this war.






Not so interesting



New, advanced glitches and errors and fake-account-creating?

Excuse me. Is this update available on Windows yet?

Yay. Pay to win. So much excitement. Really.

So , one question.The spell bugs now fixed ?

An additional feature that makes to bugged spells work as they should will also be added, however this will cost alliance gold and will only be available to alliance members who are inactive!

Looks like the bug has been fixed but I’m not sure, more people have to confirm it. But arblasters are shooting like before that “temporary fix” so  maybe they fixed it finally.

Nice - good that we can mane our alliance buddys as friend to earn rewards.

I have couple of questions:


so the only way to earn vouchers is by inviting friends?


My second question, can I raid my friends or only test their bases without earning any rewards?

how voucher-friend earn voucher? by lvl up?

Really a stupid update…

Hi Fii Nami,


I saw in Facebook they wrote that spell bug had been fixed.



If two equal strong allis fight in a war the richer one will win! More money, more gems, more gold, more boosts, more shield, more skulls!! Less fun???

The differences between rich players/allis and poor ones get bigger and bigger with every update! Why not directly buying skulls???

Okay so we were talking about the update and I came to the number 50.


That is 50 times we will have spend alliance gold per war if we want to win.

(now I will wait for someone to tell me “then just don’t play RR2”… don’t worry this update is getting me there)






Of course we don’t have to make people champions or protect anyone. We also don’t have to play this game.


But for the alliances with infinite wealth they will definitely spend gold 50 times per war cause they can afford it.

If you can not afford it just give up now.



Flare could make it so we have 1 or 2 free ‘Protects’ or ‘Champions’ per war but that wouldn’t piss of anyone.

Maybe even 10 free champions and protects per season so we could me more strategic and careful how we use them.

They rather take the ‘insert iron rod here’ approach to the game.

Instead of strategically making someone champion or strategically protecting a member you can just just pay alliance gold 50 times per war.





Obviously I care somewhat if I am here complaining.

Well part of my job involves being in front of a computer so I check the forums here and there.

I think I will do some people a favor and just not add anything to this forum anymore since flare does not listen to what majority of its core community thinks.



If you are able to spend gold 50 times every war then good for you. Every top 5 alliance won’t be able to do that because Flare has made boosts so expensive.


Expect to be able to by skulls from Flare in the next update and get ready for the 20,000 gems for an automatic win update as well.


It has been fun chatting with people on forums but I am so done with Flare right now I must avoid them. I may update my alliance thread soon maybe criticize Flare in this thread but other than that this is good bye.

i was saving those gems from quest rewards for my alliance tower upgrade. and flare make some of them disappeared by this new update. my earned almost700gems replaced by some greeny tickets?! rrrrr BIG DISLIKE!!! :slightly_frowning_face:

We need our gems…

Are some of you saying gems in reserve from quests already completed just disappeared and/or replaced by tickets?


Pfeeewww, Am I glad that I spended my 1500 gems in reserve there last week for extra donations for helping the Alliance. But indeed, this is unfair and should be fixed. That new requests become vouchers or tickets, I can understand, but gem rewards should stay for ‘old’ quests. I want to determine what I do with my gems, not flare exchanging them for tickets and giving me a few options for buying things where I am not interested in.


That wouldn’t be the first time something similar happened. Last time they lowered the amount of gems won for several quests, getting a lot of players angry. Are there also new quests that can be completed?

He Diligence And you guys fixed swordrain bug and blizzard bug ? @Royal Revolt

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Royal Revolt Absolutely. The bugs have been fixed and the spells are working as intended again.

now we have near 350000 active players (watching)