Update 1.8.6 - War Improvements

Hey everyone,


Today’s update includes new rewards for players and alliances participating in Alliance Wars.



New: Additional War Rewards for all players!


  • Starting with the upcoming war-season, players will get rewarded individually for their efforts in war-seasons. Players win Magic Chests for reaching certain amounts of skulls in a War-Season. 
  • Every skull that is won by a player and that counts for a war result is added up and taken into account for the individual rewards (i.e. the best three battles per war and additionally all bonus skulls count).
  • Magic Chests stack in the inventory and can be opened at any time.
  • Magic Chests have different qualities which mainly influence the number and quality of rewards. 
  • The rewards in such chests include Gems, Hero Items, Food, Gold, Vouchers and Pearls.


New: Skull Bonus in Alliance Wars


  • From now on, every skull that is won within a war-season counts and increases the chances to be placed among the winners of that season. 
  • If your Alliance fights hard to win a war, but in the end the other Alliance wins, your Alliance still has reached something meaningful, because in the upcoming wars of that season your Alliance will have an increased Skull-Bonus.
    • Each war that ends within a season increases the new Skull-Bonus-Pool by 1%.
    • Each time a war is started, each Alliance gets a certain share of that Skull-Bonus-Pool.  
    • The more skulls an Alliance has won in wars they have lost in the end, the bigger the share they will get from the Skull-Bonus-Pool.
    • Example: Alliance A & Alliance B have both lost their initial wars in the season. Alliance A has scored 25.000 skulls and Alliance B has scored 75.000 skulls. The Skull-Bonus-Pool is 2% because 2 wars were finished. Alliance A and Alliance B both start new wars. Alliance A now gets 25% of the Skull-Bonus-Pool and Alliance B gets the 75% of the Skull-Bonus-Pool. In total Alliance A has a Skull Bonus of 2,5% (2% normal bonus + 0,5% from the Skull-Bonus-Pool) and Alliance B has a Skull Bonus of 3,5% (2% normal bonus + 1,5% from the Skull-Bonus-Pool).
  • This means: Every Skull counts. Either your Alliance wins a war or the chance of your Alliance to win the next wars is improved.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Raging Wolf howl didn’t affect all units in range.
  • Fixed: Frenzy Frost Blaster didn’t heal all units in range.
  • Fixed: Dungeon crashed on several Windows Phone devices.
  • Fixed several smaller issues. 







Jack is this now a live update in the various stores?

Yes, you can update right away! (on iOS at least!)


Not showing in Play store yet.

fixes released? when? where?

This update isn’t available for Windows phone yet???


So why isn’t the update available on all platforms?

At the moment only the IOS Store (Apple) changed the version. We will have a look every 5 Minutes and I will tell you when Android/ Windows is online. :grinning:





failing (bugged) voucher system’s still not fixed at this update? we prefer getting our gems refunded than keep getting 0 voucher at every lvl up, even from newbie kings. :slightly_frowning_face:

I can’t see any update for windows.

You have to fixed vouchers too

We try to reproduce and to fix the voucher problem, but untill now we don’t know why some people get no vouchers for their friends

Please stay a little bit patient, I know it isn’t a perfect situation.  

If we know something I will give you some informations.



Ok, i’m still here trying to understand this Skull-Bonus-Poll-percentage-given-among-alliances, however when you will release it for windows computer i will start to elaborate my ideas and start to do a tutorial if i can in this next war season.

Until now i know that each war fiefdom finished increase your skull bonus count of 1%, even if you win or loose, right?



Some of us can’t even add friends to get vouchers!

There is only one friend you could add to every account. This is possible by enter his/her friend code.

Every friend you want to have additionally has to enter your code.


Have you already entered a friend code in the Voucher Menu?

already lost over 500 gems quests rewards, replace by vouchers w/ lower amount of gems if i substitute them. i got all ZERO voucher from all friends after their level up, high and low level kings, all ZERO. is this not a bug? or this faulty is made this way for ‘some reason’?


Ahh OK, yes, I have, sorry … kind of makes it a bit limiting I guess.

Waiting for Android update! :slight_smile: