Update 1.9.0 Dragon Boosts

Hey everyone,


Yesterday’s update includes new war-reward-boosts.


New War-Reward-Boosts:

From now on there are 3 additional Elite-Boosts that can be won as a reward in a War Season. War-Seasons will have the following Reward Sets:

  • Warset01: Surprise Mummy, Dragofroster (can transform into an Ice-Dragon), Gargoyle Nest
  • Warset02: Frenzy Frost Blaster, Dracomancer (can transform into a Fire-Dragon), Doom Gate

The reward sets will be alternating between War-Seasons. Another change is that the rewards will be spread randomly between the positions:

  • In War Season 1 the rewards received for the three different positions could be:

o   Position 01: Frenzy Frost Blaster

o   Position 02: Dracomancer

o   Position 03: Doom Gate

  • In War Season 3 (War Season 2 will have the other reward set) they can be switched around, for example:

o   Position 01: Dracomancer

o   Position 02: Doom Gate

o   Position 03: Frenzy Frost Blaster


Elite Boosts beginning with 1.9.0 can only be prolonged until the end of the next War Season in which the same Elite Boosts will be given as rewards.


Gargoyle Nest

“Gargoyle Nest” is the new Elite-boost for the Gargoyle Tower. When the boost is activated the tower additionally spawns Gargoyle-Troops when a troop or the player is near.



The  Dracomancer boost  is the new Elite-boost for the  Pyromancer. The player needs to be in an Alliance with an active Dracomancer-boost in order to be able to create Fire Dragons.

Creating Fire-Dragons:

  • In order to create a Fire-Dragon the player needs to spawn Dracomancers (Pyromancers with Elite boost)
  • Each Dracomancer comes with a small amount of Dragon-Power.
  • Each Dracomancer generates Dragon-Power every second.
  • Additionally Dracomancers get a certain amount of Dragon-Power when they hit a target with their attack.
  • The Dracomancer with the biggest amount of Dragon-Power (the strongest one) is sucking in all Dragon-Power from surrounding Dracomancers. This can be observed as a purple Dragon-Power transfer effect.
  • The Dracomancer will grow in size, increase its maximum HP and do additional Damage based on the amount of Dragon-Power it owns.
  • If the Dracomancer has collected enough Dragon-Power it will transform into a mighty Fire-Dragon.
  • Each Dragon will attack 3 times before it flies away from the battlefield.
  • The player can influence which targets the Dragon will attack as the Dragon always aims at the targets close to the player hero (it will only attack elsewhere if there are no valid targets near the hero).


The Dragofroster boost is the new Elite-boost for the “Froster”. It works exactly like the Dracomancer boost, but transforms Frosters that have collected enough Dragon-Power into an Ice-Dragon.


Chamber of Fortune:

  • Players can now also win Vouchers in the Chamber of Fortune.
  • In War-battles players can now win Skulls that count for War-battles in the Chamber of Fortune.


Magic Chests:

  • All members of an Alliance will receive a Magic-chest if another member of the Alliance buys GEMS.


Voucher Rewards:

  • Players will receive vouchers from a Voucher-friend if the voucher friend purchases GEMS.


  • Troops

o   Surprise Mummy Elite Boost

§  Spawns less knights when Mummy is defeated. 8 instead of 11 at the top level of the boost.

o   There is an additional level 8 for Pyromancers

o   There is an additional level 10 for Frosters

o   There is an additional level 10 for the Paladin

  • Spells

o   There is an additional level 13 for the Heal-spell

  • Towers

o   Snake-Tower

§  There is an additional Level 10 for Snake Towers

§  The Range of the snake tower covers a full way-tile. The hero cannot pass without being hit.

§  Building times for Snake towers have been reduced (-12,5%)

§  Poison Damage for Troops that got poisoned (but that are not in the range of the tower any more) has increased by 50%.

o   Firebolt-Tower can be upgraded to level 10.

o   Gargoyle-Tower can be upgraded to level 10.





Thanks for letting us know

also given that diff alliances will have one type of dragon or another it will mean that we need to have a more balanced base. ie skulls affected by ice, FB affected by fire so need to have a mix. that’s good!

Need to clarify what type of Magic Chest we will receive ? (example: Common, rare, legendary) ?


Please clarify also this point. Thanks.

This is a bit confusing… Will the first alliance receive only 1 boost as reward, or the 3 of the current war set (like it is now). What about the costs ? Because having 3 more elite boosts multiply (almost) by 2 the daily costs for sustaining them.

Can you please tell us the stats of the dragon?

so dracomancer/dragofroster works in similar way in defence ? but in defence we will hv limited number of froster of pyro, so how many can they gather power and transform into something useful before get killed ?

i think he mean rank 1 will receive all 3 , rank 2 receive last two boost, and so on.


In old system,

position 1 : doom gate 

position 2 : ab

position 3 : mummy


current system is the position will be randomly assign in different season (odd and even season)

rank 1 winner will get all three boost 

rank 2 winner get last two boost etc

Can we have more info on stats of the new elite boosts ? How fiefdom count  affect their level ?

So in theory if an alliance is ‘rich’, they can prolong all 6 boosts? 


500k daily donation will not be enough any longer to keep all boosts, even with 60 members. I guess real cash is required to keep them active, how much depends on gold needed to maintain new war boosts.


And top alliances have no choice, they need to keep them active, otherwhise they could be in deep trouble.

You spoke about Dragofroster and Dragomancer in raids … what about their powerups in Defence ?


Please do not tell me these troops are designed only for offensive purposes !!! 


sure, and after 2 seasons several allis will have both and we will be making the new cookie cutter design…



i really hope that you’re right…

I guess they are only for offense, gargoyle for defense,

Killerbee makes a good point. Flare can you make it that the war boosts are only won not paid for?



We cant afford them all unless you want us to spend money on gems?

I will call it the worst update ever if these Drago dudes fail in DEFENCE.


Raiding is already easier than ever now a days … These Drago dudes must work as Defence monsters or it is another big fail from FG and its planning team as ever  :wink:


Thanks for the infos, Update version1.9.0 Dragon Boosts is the BEST! Love all the dragon stuff!


ps, the downside is some members will not do their part (not so active in war) after they reached minimum skulls that required in their Alliance during the war session. I suggest replace the skulls bonuses with something else, like gems/pearls/vouchers…just sayin’


Chamber of Fortune:

  • In War-battles players can now win  Skulls  that count for War-battles  in the Chamber of Fortune.


All in all, the Update version1.9.0 Dragon Boosts looks so freakin COOL!

Great Job guys :slight_smile:



MAGIC CHEST? Is it only during war season or can we also receive that during off war season?

vouchers in normal chests is a terrible idea btw. I forgot to mention. opened 3rd chest to find some instead of several hundred thousand gold or 70+ gems or something actually useful.

please remove this. no one uses vouchers.