Update 1.9.1

Release Notes for Version 1.9.1


With the release of Version 1.9.1 we will introduce several improvements and modifications of the Alliance-War system. The goal of all new features and changes is to make Alliance-Wars as interesting as possible and at the same time reduce the need for heavy-grinding.


Improvements of Alliance War System:

Each War-Season will be special from now on, as we will introduce 2 new special War-Boosts and some special War-Settings in every war season.


Special War-Boosts:

  • The special War-Boosts will be activated for free for every Alliance a few days before the War-Season starts. Every Alliance can test the boosts and decide if they are helpful for their offensive or defensive strategies. If so the Alliance can prolong the boosts with Alliance-Gold until the end of the War-Season.


  • The special War-Boosts for the upcoming War-Season are
  • Healer Tower – Elite Boost for Arrow Tower - preview:



  • Putrid Prowler – Elite Boost for Mortar - preview:



Special War-Settings:

  • Each War-Season will feature a number of special settings that can modify elements like XP-Gain or Skull-Bonus percentages.


  • The special War-Settings for the upcoming War-Season are:

           - Champions will cost only 50% of the regular price.

           - Shielding a player will cost 150% of the regular price.

           - There are 5 more Magic-Chests to be won and Magic Chests are given out at lower Skull-counts.


War-Season Name:

  • From now on each War-Season will have a name. The name of the upcoming war-season is “War of the Immortals”.


War-Season Preview:

  • Directly after the end of a war Season all players that are part of an Alliance can preview the special War-Boosts and special War-Settings that will be active for the upcoming War-Season. The preview can be accessed via the War-card in the Alliance-menu.


Battle Limitations

  • The total number of War-battles a player can do during a War is limited to 10.
  • This number is raised to 20 for players that are assigned as champions.
  • Also players will only be able to attack the same player 3 times during a single War.


Late joining

  • Players joining an Alliance are not allowed to take part in all Wars that are already running at the time they joined the Alliance. They are allowed to earn skulls in all upcoming Wars, however. (If players have already earned skulls for another Alliance within this War-Season, then they still have 60 hours penalty.)



  • Silo: + 1 Level
  • Firestorm-Spell: + 1 Level
  • Gate: + 3 Levels adding 2 towers-slots and 1 obstacle-slot for defense.
  • Reduce food costs for very high-level players. Food costs will not rise higher than 220 anymore.
  • Mortar:

            - Is slightly more effective against Paladins

            - Increased HP in all levels

            - Increased Damage per second in all levels


  • Even if players have acquired a scream-boost of 100% or above there will be a gap of at least 4 seconds in which players cannot use the Hero-Scream.
  • War Skulls

              - Players earn a higher number of War-Skulls per battle.

              - Hero-Levels of the attacking and defending players are capped at 100 for the calculation of the Skulls.



  • Improved cheat detection.
  • Fixed a bug that made it harder to push Monster-Units on some devices.


Your Royal Revolt 2 Team

sounds like good changes to me

Proud of u flaregames!!



Maybe I am wrong here … but if we can only attack 10 times each in a war then any alliance with higher level players will always lose to an alliance with lower level players who are willing to scroll a few times.

Well from my point of view, alliance with 100% participation will win and most low alliance dont have 100% participation.It might have its flaw as you said but they capped the skull loss I think cuz they are anticipating more lvl 100 king in future.Things will balance out I’m sure but we’ll see how it goes.Important thing is to have all 60 do their 10 raids against opponent w most skulls.Kinda like CoC war a lil bit I think now.

@ Drum…Yeah, was telling myself the same thing…

That will make the war very close and will probably end up as a tie… if all players played their 10 battles and all champs did their 20 battles, it will be very hard to declare a winner. 


Aether, please answer to me the following:


  • Why does everything seems to move slower than before?
  • Why does the ogres seem to die faster?


And most importantly:

  • why does Flare decide to change the significance of our gear so drastically so that it becomes obsolete after a “balancing” change?

Do you realize that I’ve spend 3000 gems on the last Granny super sales, just to get a full scream boost gear cause at that time it was still useful?

Now what should I do with all that USELESS scream gear, except from screaming about it? Will Flare give me a refund for all that gems that went to waste? Where is the responsibility of the company for doing those changes?

Thank you! Can’t wait for the next war season :DD

One thing though: what about our dear friends the frost towers? Please boost them!

maybe have also a thing calling tie-breaking ???

I bet it will be something like pay gems to be the winner :wink:

I have concern about the two new war boost, mortar and arrow tower looks deadly and annoying, even normal scream boost can’t help with those boost lol

Wtf you did to scream? You really fucked up the game… Even if its a full participation everyone cant beat every bases… So that means powerful alliance will win all the war… Now everyone wasted gems on buying scream set… You have to answer about that or give us a compensation… Why the fuck are you guys always fucking up the game by giving some fucking updates and nerfing every good things? I am not regreting for saying some bad words cuz you really deserved it… More words will come in your next update :/…

another concern is loser skull bonus, now that alliance are limited to 600 attack (without champs) so they can only get at most 900x600 amount of skulls.Does this mean to win against skull bonus we need luck in chest ? lol


or have you remove the bonus ?

This is quite interesting… you have done few months ago a poll asking the feedback from players about Alliance War and how to make things more interesting => http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5733-alliance-wars-feedback-poll/page-?mode=show


While players were not really enthusiast to any of the options proposed in this poll, you’ve still managed to implement one of the least wished feature, which is about the grinding… well done :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m really looking forward to theses changes, seems to be very cool and interesting. I’m specially happy for the new silo level, and I’m curious about the new castle gate levels, our former maxed level already costed 10M gold, so I guess some levels are cheaper to make space for those new levels (in the most expensive case, they’ll cost 10M, 11M and 12M respectively, so at least the former max level should cost cheaper [unless new levels cost 11M, 11.5M and 12M, but we’ll see] )

Do unsuccessful raids count towards the 10 raids?

Hi Aether,

10 Battle per person limit means 10 succesfull battles or First 10 Battles or Best 10 Battles?

I agree totaly, i find which this new and nerf are completely useless. :slightly_frowning_face:

I really, really don’t like the scream change. I have invested a lot of gems into boosting scream, as many others have. Clearly, the rest of the updates work to strengthen defense. Why, then, limit an offensive ability???  Please restore scream.