Update 12/12/2014

Hey everyone,


Today’s update to version 1.6.0 included many new features and balance changes. It has been officially released for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with Windows PC to follow as soon as possible.


Here is what’s new:


X-Mas Environment: Spread some Christmas cheer with the a landscape. Free for all players! 


Increased the following max levels:



  • Knight +2
  • Paladin +1
  • Froster +1
  • Arblaster +1
  • Mortar +1
  • Cannon +1


  • Arrow Tower +1
  • Spike Trap +1
  • Barricade +1
  • Frost Tower +1


  • Firestorm +1
  • Swordrain +1
  • Shield +2


  • Alliance +5

General Balance Changes:

  • Werewolf Buffs: Removed poison weakness, increased damage vs. obstacles, increased base hitpoints, changed AI behavior so that the Werewolf now also targets traps
  • Mummy Nerf: Reduced hitpoints (during defense only!)
  • Shield Spell Buff: Increased scaling of the shield’s “hitpointsâ€. You now get more shield points per level
  • Time Warp Scroll Nerf: Increased Pearl cost and cooldown. Reduced the duration. The in-game timer now runs more slowly instead of stopping completely when using this scroll


Quest reward rework:


  • Reworked the rewards for some quests so that the gems are now more evenly distributed


Dungeon Changes:

  • Adjusted difficulty of some levels


Please note that this version also includes the new Elite Boost feature. However, since the update is not out for Windows PC yet, the boosts have been deactivated until the update has reached all platforms. We will make sure that the functionality is unlocked as soon as possible.

Another 5 years to upgrade all  :wink:

What is alliance +5?


It means you can add 5 additional level to your Alliance.

mummy nerf as defence is a good move. Too OP 

I can see this update. where is it?

for windows?


Thx for the shield spell buff


Are you playing the PC or Windows Phone version? Like we stated, the Windows PC version will still need some time to arrive.

OK. I play on windows PC.

Thanks for news.

What is elite booster?


It will make the troops of all members of an Alliance stronger and adds unique effects to units. For example, Archers might get exploding arrows or Knights might do fire damage. The feature will be unlocked soon.

Love the new level for units and shield spells  :wink:

cant wait  ! ! ! :wink:

Nice update Jona .

The dungeon levels are made harder or easier ?

wow theres actually a lot of elite boost ! I think I will love the elite boost for cannon and spikes , both with added ice damage i think 


Some of them were made harder, however, the changes mainly affect mid-level dungeons. The later ones were already hard enough. :grinning:

why  didn’t  you mention about reduced amount of  gems for quests ?! people will not like it, expecially reducing 1000 gems to 250