Update 12/12/2014

Update app manually by going to setting while in Windows store to update app

And we’re back online, the game works fine now.

Update app manually by going to setting while in Windows store to update app





The update isn’t out where I live!  :angry:

The update has finally arrived for me. I hate it! When is your next one :wink:



Time to turn on elite boost. Everyone must have the windows by now it’s hit every region.


Anyone who didn’t manully update could be waiting forever with microsoft

the update is indeed online but i still lost some diamonds so that hasn’t been fixed

Hi guys,

As you colud see, the elite boost things has been activated, so use as many as you can.

Good luck against the HUNS… :slight_smile:

now update is in . but why reduces awards for some arcievements ??? greed greed greed . bah anoying people is where flare is good at. put back the normal awards instead of lowering all stuff and making it harder .

I can see the app in the Windows store now, but not the update… (a Windows PC user)


When will my update come out? I want to play RR2 again!

What do the elite boosts do and how do I use them?

Can I use them at all on Windows 8.1?

Elite boosts strengthen certain troops, towers or obstacles temporarily.

Each of those can be bought (and their duration increased) with alliance donation gold by the leader once the alliance level is high enough for unlocking them.

The boosts are active alliance-wide (i.e. each member of the alliance automatically gets them applied) for the duration they are active.


You should be able to use them on win8 as well as all other platforms now once you updated to the newest version.

I can’t! It doesn’t exist in my Windows store!



I play in win8, but when i want to play, royal Revolt 2 can not connect  to the server, becouse several options appear of server.


The last update is from 14 dic 2014. And the play store does not give an option for a new update, it says that it  is the last version.


Can you  help me?



first off all its the windows store second you have to manually update the game. it has been explained several times on this forum already so i recommend that you read those instruction. 

Started working fine with 1.6.1

game works just fine for me only the elite boost is offline

I have got the update. I can play now.



The Elite Boosts are not working!

they are now, i think they have a cooldown period of 24 hours like donating

I looked through the forums, but I couldn’t find the right threat to put my remarks, so I found this topic the most fitting. Since the new update, an hour ago or so, the game stopped twice during a raid because there was a problem. This happend yesterday when the elite boosts got active and today again. I know what kind of effort you are puting in to this game, so I don’t complain about the loot or trophy loss, but I would like to inform you that the game still is not working correctly.

Okay now it’s started working!


Don’t worry, be happy. :slight_smile:

Windows user here, playing on SurfaceRT, OS Version 8.1. Is there any oficial link to the problem we’re currently having? Is there a timeline for resolution? Are there any compensations planned? Can’t play since saturday 13.