Update 17/12/2014

Hello everyone,


we are currently updating the servers and the game might not be available for a brief period of time.


This update contains fixes to the Elite Boost crashes and Alliances.


Notable changes:

  • Elite Boosts will be activated and are finally here to stay.
  • Alliances will be limited to 40 members.


Please excuse the troubles that we had these last days. We have made it through the storm and everything should work properly now!




poor vanguard, they are rushing over 41 member LMAO. So what will happen to vanguard bug?

Btw. What’s happen with topic rufund gems? I have 1friend. He want to report his 10time diamenten liega win for 1000gems.

Ingname: xunu. He lost 750gems :slightly_frowning_face:

GAME still crash with the elite enable. I play on android.

I cannot get tapjoy free gem after the update, tapjoy said not their problem.

user: asian_xl

This isn’t going to cause a problem for the “unlimited free gems” enjoyed by the members of Hong Kong People, is it?  http://forum.royalrevolt.com/index.php?/topic/844-join-hong-kong-people-i-will-tell-you-how-to-get-unlimited-free-gems/#entry9048

What happend to our money that we upgrade to the archers in elite boost?

Darksilk has donate real money to upgrade it, and after that u reset it. :slightly_frowning_face:

Can you upgrade it back? Thx

Sk realms Alliance

Video for food is not working anymore after the latest update, when I try to “watch video” for a battle I get a long video after which the reward is 1 gem


iOS player

@Giovanni, that is all I have ever had from it … very long videos … not bothered since, forgot who I was planning to attack by the time it had ended!

… and … my phone keeps closing the app down half way through a raid, not sure if its phone or RR related.



Any word of this flare?