Update 2.1.0: Tapjoy, fyber and all videos for food and boosts disabled

Anyone else? 

Try logout - Go into options and tap Logout.

Working fine, Bluestacks.

I can’t get the free chest anymore,but the farms and vids are working fine tho.

Tried logging to other account and back didn’t help.

Logged in with ios and it works fine but on old version there 

After the UPDATE really the button greyed out. HOPE it will get back to normal soon, as it does always.

Have you updated the game to 2.1.0.

As usual just happened, Played the game for around 20min , no FIGHT only Roaming in the castle. Now i can watch videos in 2.1.0. :slight_smile:

Think they wait for all the platforms to update to 2.1.0, then you’ll get all the features

Aether just posted that Windows users (not the phone users) will get the update before the end of the week

That could indeed be the reason. It seems that we as Windows users also get videos for legendary chests and free boosts of farms plus taverns

that’s good news, but what’s with Facebook canvas?


It will be probably only for smarthphone, tablet devices, for a windows user that play on computer you have already your app store so i don’t know if a windows user can connect to facebook and play on a browser as well as the others

I just tried, yes you can play. 


but, don’t know if there are any short keys to use. Using trackpad you gota lose, coz so many things will be there to do.

Can anybody come out with the keys to be used?


Still no videos 

I hope you don’t need to wait as long as Windows users need to wait (2 years!) for this functionality.

Can just boost on my ipad but i prefer to play on my phone :confused:

Er, what is that link on facebook? I’ve tried it before but it never finishes loading with me :slightly_frowning_face:

Sometimes it takes time. Maybe some DNS issue.